Monday 17 November 2014

EBook Review: The Write NonFiction NOW

E-book "The Write NonFiction NOW! Guide to: Writing a Book in 30 Days" by Nina Amir is another book for readers to get inspired and motivated to write their long waiting book in just 30 days. Previously authored books by Nina Amir are
How to Blog a Book, How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time (Writer's Digest Books) The Author Training Manual: Develop Marketable Ideas, Craft Books That Sell, Become the Author Publishers Want, and Self-Publish Effectively (Writer's Digest Books)10 Day and 10 Ways to Return to Your Best Self (Pure Spirit Creations)
This particular book "Guide to: Writing a Book in 30 Days" is a perfect pick for those who want to pen down a book super-fast without much hassle. 

At times we have ideas running into our mind but are unable to execute them due to lack of guidance or not able to organise our work in a proper manner. It is a kind of motivation and includes very apt ways to just assemble our content in a presentable manner .It is an awesome collection of the writing techniques suggested by the following renowned authors who have shared their experiences in writing an organized book which is of great help.
·       Roy Peter Clark,
·       Rachel Z. Cornell,
·       Kristen Eckstein,
·       Denis Ledoux,
·       Linda Joy Myers,
·       Roger C. Parker,
·       Lee Pound,
·       Ellen Violette,
·       Vicki C. Weiland.

Some very important aspects that we forget before writing a book are been explained in an easy language which could be easily grasped like the proper planning ,taking as a challenge, setting goals and most importantly the attitude of the writer. Its point wise approach of explanation makes it easier to read. Many software and internet based organizing tools have also been introduced.

I really loved the concept of mind mapping which very easily helps to crop the main idea behind writing a nonfiction book and helps dividing the book into proper subtopics. Same methods are explained in different styles, for reader to grasp them fast, which leaves a checklist for readers for book writing.

Book Details:

Name: The Write Non-Fiction now! - A Guide to Writing a book in 30 days.
Author: Nina Amir

Type: E-book
Published: Pure Spirit Creations, an imprint of Short Fuse Publishing
Rating 3.5/5

Thanks Nina Amir for giving us the opportunity to review the book. 


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  1. Thanks for sharing very important aspects for writing ebooks. I found your post very informative and helpful. Thanks for sharing.


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