Sunday 16 November 2014

Difficult Decision

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It was fine sunny morning, and the time when Kriti was sipping a cup of tea, while reading newspaper. She had finished her morning chores, and Kamu her helper was washing utensils, when suddenly she heard; “I want to , I want to Maa”. Kriti folded newspaper and took her cup to walk to backyard where she saw Vishnu crying and pleading to his mother.

“I will go to school today Maa, I can’t be at home.” said Vishnu in a shivering voice.

“Why not, I will myself drop you there; you won’t miss the school” replied Kamu with a heavy heart.

“That’s good Kamu, your son is so passionate about the studies, and one day he will become a successful man.” Kriti said. She gave Vishnu a packet of Nataraj Pencils and patted him.

“Oh! Dear you are having high fever”, Kriti felt the temperature while patting and made him sit; and called out Kamu”. Vishnu is not well and suffering with a high fever”.

“Yes madam I know that, since yesterday he is like that.” When he came back from school he was feeling low and fell asleep without speaking a word. When he woke up he just accompanied me insisting to go to school in this condition, expressed Kamu wiping sweat off her face.

“Did you give him any medicine? And consult the doctor so that he may recover fast” Kriti suggested; “for now take this medicine and take rest Vishnu.”

After giving him medicine she asked him to sit while his mother completes cleaning work. She searched for remote control and switched on her TV. While she was juggling between the channels,Vishnu who was observing everything softly spoke “Madam Doordarshan is the only channel I wish to see, so I don’t need a remote control too.”

“Maa make it fast I want to go school early, I don’t want to miss”, cried Vishnu to his mother Kamu who was busy completing the chores.

“How on earth you will go to school? You are not well you need rest dear”, Kriti said with a surprise. She thought how her kids put forth silly tantrums to take leave from school and this boy though not well is not ready to miss the studies.

Next day Kamu called up Kriti to inform her that she will not be able to come to work as her son is still not well.

“I told you he needs rest don’t send him to school.” said worried Kriti.

“But Madam how will he take medicine then? Doctor warned that the medicines should not be taken empty stomach.” dishearten Kamu replied.

Kriti didn’t understand her point. Later while watching ad of Akshay Patra she recollected what her maid had told her. She understood that it is not the hunger of knowledge that drive these kids to school it is the hunger of stomach. Her eyes were filled with tears when she came across the fact that a kid only eats properly at the mid-day meal provided by school  and that’s why could not miss school.

Kriti always used to gift stationary items to Vishnu whenever he accompanied her mother but from now on she thought of changing it. The next time when Vishnu accompanied her mother Kriti made sure to give him a packet of ParleG Biscuits.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. Heartwarming post..Made me emotional .. but at the same time, showing harsh reality about those people who find it difficult to arrange two time meal in the day. I pray to GOD, may there never be any living being on this planet deprived of food. Ameen.

    1. Yes Vishal, reality is too harsh. But if we all join hands in prayer and come together to help through initiatives like this, then surely things may change.

  2. Very touching and noble Meenal, May each human get enough food in this world.

  3. Great write up Meenal - Heartfelt as well as thought provoking

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Rashi for the kind words, keep visiting :)

  5. great Article ABout difficult situation Decision


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