Sunday 30 November 2014

Wish Villa

“This way is your room Sir”, guided hotel porter to the enthusiastic family.  Jimmy and Lily being adventurous kids started pouring plenty of questions to the quiet porter.

He answered all queries and finally said, “Kids, this Wish Villa hotel is famous for granting all wishes, so frame your wishes while your stay” and took leave.

Next day when their parents decided to walk down nearby town, kids decided to cycle around and planned to go library at end.
Source - Friday Fictioneers

After reading the journal, they understood, “Keeping faith in self fulfills all wishes”, secret behind naming the hotel.

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  1. Thanks for visiting.

    Your piece is well done.

  2. I'm not sure I followed all the action. What journal are you referring to at the end? The kids plan to go to the library but do they ever get there?

    Marie Gail

    1. Yes Marie Gail, kids went to library and read the journal.


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