Tuesday 18 November 2014

DREAM - Cavatina & Shadorma


Walk near holding hand
Breath stopped
Today I live dream
In flash

You and me one now
Let’s take a vow

Just Listen
Don’t pause, imagine
Great future
Seen ahead
For moment say yes to dream
And see it’s magic

The first two para's of this poem is Cavatina - which said to be Italian style of poetry; and is clubbed by Shadorma at end. For more information visit Poetry Forms.

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  1. wonderful content and form...by the way you add your entry in the list by using the link @ Poetry Jam...

  2. Lovely form...nice message.

    Visiting from Poetry Jam.

  3. I will link you to Poetry Jam with the Mr. Linky. Hope you will participate next week again. A new prompt will go up much later today, and it is better to participate earlier in the week. Also, when you take part, it is good to visit others who post as well so you become part of the community. You will find we are a very responsive group...with people who are active.

    1. Surely Mary, we will participate and be responsive too :)


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