Friday 7 November 2014

Shine with Peace

Quiet atmosphere in the house was a rare seen when Star was at home, so her mother called her to ask what was the matter, and why she was not playful after coming from school.

Star, an eight year old asked softly, “Is Riot a biggest monster on earth, which causes so much ruckus around the world, reaches to people in no time and it causes so many troubles & cries all over; how can we win over it Mom”?

Mother softly answered, “You guessed it right my child, Riot is a monster, created by people living in same world, if we stay united and spread harmony, this monster will be extinct, even your father tried conveying peace; but was captured too tight in Riot storm”.

Mother added, “your father believed that Peace and harmony on earth is what makes it heaven and if everyone understands this there will be happiness all over the world”.

image credit:  Dick Blick Art
When muteness filled the silent room, Star promptly assured her mother saying “I would take my father’s peace message further in future, and would shine in the whole world as dreamt by him”.


Linked with Magpie Tales#244 & Five Sentence Fiction -Envy

Lillie McFerrin Writes


  1. Touching story.
    I share your views. May we all live in peace & spread positive message.

    1. Thanks Anita. May we all shine with peace in the world and win over Riot monster.

  2. wow!
    Love the artistry of words!
    Amen to this lovely thought.

    1. Thanks Ruchira, hope our prayers help eradicating monsters like Riot


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