Friday 14 November 2014

Childlike Approach to Life

A child around and no fun in ambiance, it’s a rare scenario. They are life of a house, their innocent questions make us dumb stuck, they care for every little thing, a very small thing motivates them, with a gentle heart treats each one equally. Yes, a child is our mentor and a reminder of things which blurs out as we grow up. These qualities made me think on the various aspects, we elders can learn from them.
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Happy Children's Day !!!

Abundance Energy: A child’s full potential is indispensable, their innocent acts surprises us on many occasions. The word “tired” is not included in a child’s dictionary J.The passion in those twinkling eyes to explore the surroundings is beyond any comparisons. Robert  Brault “The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives.”

Complete Belief in loved one’s: A child’s heart doesn’t know anything else other that loving each one with a strong belief in them. Kids feel safe if they are surrounded by their loved ones and trust unconditionally.

Have short memory: Don’t drag too far: Have you ever noticed, how well kids gel along with their buddies. And with fun, tantrums and quarrel is part of their game. Mostly a kid wants what the other one is holding, or they may fight for a particular seat, but within seconds they start playing again which is the wonderful characteristic of a child’s life. Hope we elders could also forgive and start things afresh in few seconds. Marianne Williamson very aptly quoted, “Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their mind called “All the things that could go wrong”.

Imaginations have no bounds: Child wants to touch the star in the sky and even tries to grab them, as we grow old many practical facts bounds our imagination and we try to think within boundaries. Let us be more creative and let not boundaries get malignant with limitations.

Living to the fullest: The little ones just enjoy the present moment without any fear in mind.  And we as elders also need to make sure that each one is happy and enjoy every minute. We must remember Denise Shekerjian quote “To retain the simple playfulness of childhood through one’s riper years is what opens a person up to the creative possibilities within a situation” to keep the yearning fresh.

Do Simplify things: A child doesn’t complicate things; they are straight forward and are true at heart. Their virtuousness just puts everything in place. Instead of just brewing a situation one should always try to find a solution.

A child can teach us many crucial things which we forget when we grow up; it is the child who reminds us of our duties and refreshes us. We as parents and elders teach our young brigade but in turn there is lot to be learnt too. Thus there is no end of our learning; a little thing can teach us the depth of life. Angela Schwindt very beautifully quoted “While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.”

So on this children’s day, let us become a child at heart again and enjoy life to the fullest.

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  1. Wow.. how nicely you have resembled the day to day activities of a child and then derived the learning out of it. Great post on Children day.

    1. Thanks Vishal, being a parent I have learnt a lot from kids.

  2. Good Article Dear! I've a dream of dying as child in the same manner I was born :)

    1. Thank you Ravish Mani. A child is always in our heart, it's just the age in numbers that make us to act wise :)

  3. Totally agree :) Right points. Great for Children's Day & everyday :)


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