Saturday 22 November 2014

Childhood Memories : Kids Hut Channel

Its weekend, and I along with my kids watch many learning videos online. Though I may not make it a regular habit with gadgets at this age, but scheduled it on weekends to spend some worthy time learning with a twist. Acquiring through interactive medium is so much fun, in such hi-tech world gaining knowledge is just a click away to enjoy when and where we like. 

Plus learning turn out to be easier when things are enacted through pictures, furthermore child gets attracted to colors and animated characters connect to them easily. I still remember how I used to complete my homework and just stick to the TV to watch Chulbuli batein by Tabassum on DD national. Recently watching the video,“Chanda ek tarae anek” on social messenger, it just took me back in my goody memories. It refreshed how my friends and I also tried to throw the stones in that pyramid manner in just one throw, now I laugh thinking about that. 

Everyone’s childhood is spent listening stories from elders, and these stories thought us larger than life lessons that even today I am not able to detach from them. One of my most loved stories was the” Little red Riding hood”; I used to stand in front of the mirror dressed up in a red attire and imitate her. Red riding hood tells us to obey our elders and not to talk to strangers on our way. Here is the youtube video of 'Little Red Riding Hood' from Kids Hut

I wonder how these beautiful stories and rhymes are passing on from one generation to another without losing its charm and are favorites of all, hats off to the makers and the YouTube, which has kept them alive in our hearts. Or it could be Twinkle Twinkle Little star poem, where it’s rhythm is rooted in our senses. It taught to look at stars and really wonder how far they are. That poem had not lost touch from my heart till date. All my unrealistic fantasies are part of that poem I wish I sat on a swing on touch the stars. Stars hold very important part in every one’s life, just look at them they really make you smile; isn’t it? Today too when I gaze at them in dark night there is smile on face, which says, though aspirations are to achieve but I can look at them. Seeing your goal can surely make you stronger to achieve. They teach us to shine always under any circumstances. Let's look at the stars again in this video from Kids Hut

“Those cute childhood memories are like an orange punch whose flavors are fresh and blasting.”

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