Thursday 13 November 2014

Book Review : Horse Shoe Garage

The book "HorseShoe Garage" by Hitesha was received as a compliment from Blogadda during Celebrate Blogging initiative . This book has an amazingly simple and clean front cover which gives the readers a little hint about the story. The clever design tempts the readers to get hooked with the book.

Horse Shoe Garage by Hitesha

The book kick starts with the dream sequence of its main character sav aka Sarvesh kulkarni whose passion was to take part in Neo- Racing, a premier car racing competition. Though he was not keen at driving he always dreamt about winning. The story moves ahead with the introduction of Sav’s childhood buddy, Raghavendra who hated to be called by that name and liked to be called rags instead, an equally passionate about Neo-racing .The story rolls up how both of them thinks of designing a car with a new technology to take part in racing when it arrives in India for the first time.
There is glamour added by Kam, rags girlfriend ,who loves to stop by every expensive gifts , and knows a lot about fashion world. The real life of the story is the character Naaz, an orphan girl and a fourth grade pass out who teams up with Sav and rags for the similar passion and dream. There is lot of strength in her character; her experience as a mechanic and never give up attitude helps Sav and Rags to build a car which could qualify in the race and gives many renowned car makers a tough competition. All four characters Sav, Rags, Naaz and Kam work out things to attain their dream project overcoming lot of hurdles. The story clearly deciphers a message that one should always follow their dreams and try to fulfill them.
Final Word:
The book is written in first person and is narrated by Sav.
The characters come out real and are beautifully crafted. The narration is good that we feel we are a part of the racing championship and cheering for Sav from the stand. The book is a must one time read and also beautifully incorporates the dialogues which keep the readers guessing the next move. It’s simplicity of language makes it comfortable to understand and binds the readers till end. Friend ship, love, team spirit, romance could be felt very well. This book is for casual reading and enjoying every bit sipping coffee on a holiday.

Book Details:

Name : Horse Shoe Garage
Author: Hitesha
Publisher: Jufic Books
ISBN: 978-93-82473-45-9
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 389
Price: 245 INR
My Rating: 4/5
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