Friday 28 February 2014

Pliable Child's Mind

Hi Mom! How beautiful is everything around, every little thing fills me with curiosity and amaze me a lot.  I want to go where ever I wish to; want to shout, clap and sing my rhymes.

I like chocolates and yummy ice creams...
I like to fly like a bird, why only it can do that...
When I cry the whole family surround me making sure I get what I wished for...
I make the house a complete hullabaloo.”

Surely these might be the words every toddler says in their cute voice. The tender heart wishes to do many things but does not want to be bounded by any walls.

There are times when kids tend to ask us questions, which we don't understand how to answer them. As a mother I know it sometimes becomes really tough to answer their innocent questions and convince them. One such incident which I can never forget was; one day when I was explaining my daughter that why one should not accept any gifts from strangers because we don't know them and accepting anything from them is not good. 

For a few seconds she pondered on what I told her and the next minute she put forth me an innocent question. She asked me “Mom where does God live?"

Monday 24 February 2014

If LIFE had......DELETE button !

How many times you wished that you forget few incidents in life? Incidents which remind us of our mistakes; sometimes childish behavior, and many times when ego ruled over our hearts. Yes, even I have a list of it and wish if such incidents would not occur at all. And sometimes by the time you realize the mistake, the moment of sorry had already finished. Yes they say that it’s never late in saying sorry but I feel words are more felt when said at right time. (But it’s not that I don’t say late sorry; better late than never at least I feel lighter in myself) So I would delete all those moments from my life and everything would be so goody good. I would have never hurt someone, no hard feelings, no mistakes to regret upon and I would be the best. Do you also feel the same way?

If Life had DELETE button

But that could only be in our imagination. But on a second thought, incidents which we forget by passing time firstly must be never that of importance to us and secondly we might not have learnt anything from it. Because the incidents and stuff, which we carry on and remember our whole life are the one from which lessons were learnt (from mistakes). If such incidents are deleted then all such mistakes would also be erased then most importantly all such lessons would also be erased.

So from where would I learn lessons from life if no mistakes?

Each phase in life is alike a chapter, which teaches us many things and when it is completed we definitely learn from it. It’s like knowing moral of the story from each one at the end. That’s why it’s well said life is a never ending experience and each day teaches us something new. Peter Mc Williams expressed “To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all”. So I would not delete all mistakes from life, but forget some incidents that are of no importance and instead remembrance of the lessons would remind me what to do in future.

Therefore it’s better to remind the brain and heart the good you learnt from your bad. In that sense you can be always goody good and near perfect. And of course, experience is gained by the passing time from various incidents; and ups & down in life, so always have the urge to learn. Because “once you are content with learning then not much fun is left to live”. Barry Lepartner very beautifully expressed “Good Judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment”.

Wishing if I had a delete button is similar to wishing a Midas touch where later realizing that such wishes are not fruitful for a longer time.We could later repent for deleting our mistakes as we have not learnt anything in life.

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” – Mary Tyler Moore


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Wednesday 19 February 2014

One Don's Many Roles

“Each one of us on this earth are the actors of a play written and directed by God”; is well said by a famous author. Yes, we do play a myriad of roles in our personal as well as professional life and we keep jostling around different responsibilities. Each role play includes complete dedication and commitment to perform duties. Life is like changing masks of our face according to the role played and performing such multi faceted duties is a challenge. And a lot of expectations from each role to be fulfilled are what life all about is.

It’s like a single person wearing different hats at the same time; one has to be swift enough to shift between roles and, has and has to make effective adjustments. Whereas our personal life requires love & affection, professional life requires dedication; social life requires responsibility & modesty. One person essays many roles…. parent, friend, mentor, student, guardian and child; sometimes a mind boggling task to play. Don’t you feel the same way? And more over there are expectations attached to each role and mind you each responsibility to be played with utmost perfection? And there is quite often a discrepancy between the roles a person plays and what one really feels.

Friday 14 February 2014

What is LOVE?

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Definition and meaning of love changes from person to person; and to define it, is quite a challenging task. When you love someone, your power of love should be so strong that any situation cannot shake your belief in partner. There are so many ways to express your love and it teaches you many things and one in true love learns it well. Love is like a song, sing it with all dedication.

Love is there in every emotions like the warmth of our parents, the scolding of our mentors, the ticking of our sisters, the laughter of our friends, the pranks of brothers, the tears of happiness and sadness and the list is never ending.

Aura Of Thoughts - What is LOVE

Love is special
Love is life
Love is ageless
Love is pure
Love is wealth
Love is powerful
Love is attitude
Love is passion
Love is transparent
Love is beyond boundaries
Love is beyond language
Love is beyond racism

Tuesday 11 February 2014

A Companion - Our heart connects with

We come across many people in life in the form of friends, mentor, cousins, work mates, colleague etc., few remain in heart, few in contact list of phone and few are the ones whose memories fade away with time. Only a few occupies a special place in our heart no matter where and what we are. And such special ones are Companions of our life.

Actually, compatriot holds an important place and have a lasting influence on our life; everyone needs a companion at every age and at every step of life. When we are young our parents are our companion teaching us the values of life, as we grow up we meet different people make some good friends who are always there for us, our mentors who give our life a direction and add a meaning to it, a life partner with whom we want to spent our rest of our life with and people at our work place with whom we enjoy doing our work.

We always cherish for a true companion in our life who amalgamate with us well , have the same wavelength of feelings, complement each other and share the same interest. It is well said that in life's journey, one always needs someone or the other at some point who cares for us and understands us well.

A true companion for me is the one who is connected with me always in all phases of my life, whether I am happy or sad, rich or poor, strong or weak. And listens when lonely, share everything and always try to give without awaiting anything in return, gives complete support, guides us in the right direction ,think about each other when are apart and always welcomes with warmth at any moment of time in need. Such emotions are incomparable and pure. And it is well said by Agnes Ripplier that “We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh”.

Distances are no more a barrier to maintain a relationship; while in some cases it makes the bond stronger. In this digital world where one can ping anytime and can have video chat, one can be connected always from any part of the world. Unbound love, respect for each othe’rs feelings and honesty never fades away with distances. But meeting your companion frequently makes you feel energized and gives a boost to your life.

Understanding the depth and value of any relation requires patience and broad minded attitude. Patience nurtures the relationship, where misunderstandings have no role to play. Forgiving nature, give and take attitude, no jealous feelings and feeling happy on each other’s success is the real key to move any kind of relationship ahead. Some relations grows stronger with time, we only realize their importance when we become mature enough to feel them.

A companion is a valuable gift, who are hard to find and lucky to have. Without them our life would become monotonous and boring. Never in life loose trust on a true companion, because once the bond of faith weakens it becomes difficult to maintain it. Have some patience and give the other some time to explain the situation. As very excellently notated by Saint Augustine, "Patience is the companion of the wisdom".

Companions are soul to life, there is so many facets to focus on, so look forward for more on this topic in coming post.

"Soul – mates are people who bring out the best in you."- Anonymous

@ Meenal

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Friday 7 February 2014

Express It !!!

Oh! Wow is it true. Today school declared a holiday.
I love this chocolate. Its’ yummy!!!
I am angry with…..

Our day begins with an expression and end with it. Life without emotions and feelings would be beyond our imagination. Emotions are natural feelings and all are beautiful!

Expressing our feelings and thoughts makes one self different from others. One may say it through words and other express through eyes, or via actions or gestures or writing letters; there are many ways to express oneself. In this digital world your scope to express is much wider. There are so many emoticons that a simple laughter can be expressed in around 14 different ways.
This is the power of expression and we all celebrate the freedom of expression. If there was a day marked only to express what you feel about life, then a single day may not be enough for me whereas few others may convey it in few lines.

Expressing oneself to others helps them understand you in a more precise way and nothing is implied by self. Yes, there are times when a simple nod is enough to understand. For instance you are gifted the most awaited smart phone by your loved one and you don’t even react to it, as though it’s a usual greeting. Then you are hurting the feelings of person who presented the gift. Showing your emotions at this instance add happiness around you. At times it becomes important in any relationship to express ourselves to make others understand our feelings. For eg A mother and child bonding is very emotional, a mother understands what a child requires by just judging the facial expressions. Similar understanding can be seen between partners, siblings, close friends, parent-child. Understanding each other’s feelings and gestures well makes the bond stronger.

Managing our emotions is a very difficult task as our emotions are likely to be influenced by others actions and the circumstances prevailing around us; but if mastered then it can help one to fight against all odds. There are situations where we need to control our emotions for example in our work culture; we come across all walks of people there and therefore we may face many moods and emotions related with them.

Expression of thanking, forgiving, blessing, greeting all are important to life.

My final say on this would be don’t keep either guilt or goodness only to yourself. If you are sorry about your actions or words then express the guilt and face the consequences. If you are doing good let your aura of goodness be felt by others. Say what you feel to your family and friends, surely you will be more relaxed and transparent person. I will suggest that if you are unable to say it then express your feelings through writing.

"Hiding your emotions is self destructive and will never allow you to heal" – Anonymous

@ Sonal

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Monday 3 February 2014

Survival of Resolutions

Every New Year brings many new things along new vibes, new ideas, new challenges and most importantly new resolutions. A fresh energy moves like a wave within us at the start of the year and Inbox is full of wishes and greetings.

For many New Year wishes come along with a question” what would be the resolution this year?” As though it is not compulsory to take resolutions at the start of the year but many follow this practice worldwide. Performing a ritual all together makes you feel better and keeps you determined about it. Just as, like many form communities and forums to follow their hobby or passion.

When I was in school, we used to keep resolutions and check on friends who broke it. Few were very simple as participating in elocution or sports activities and few were set for improving grades.
But as years passes on intensity towards resolutions changes. If you had completed your resolution positively you tend to take another in next year and if you leave it in half way you say that you were not serious about it.

Whatever may be the resolution the main point is to keep trying unless you had achieved it? Many people take it for namesake and few feel so strongly that they stress themselves with the burden of completing it.
Resolutions do not comply with a notion for a fresh year to start yet all take it. And many resolutions are dead by the end of a first month, and few forget what resolutions they had taken.

Pacing progressively with resolutions shows how determined you are towards it. And for doing so you can follow simple ways

->Say it to world: When you take a resolution let your world around you know it. Tell your family, friends and you can make use of social networking sites to announce your resolution.
They will remind you of your challenge either gently or rudely, but don’t let words affect you but answer them with your actions

->Paste Pictures: Collect related pictures of your resolution and paste them in your wardrobe and on your bathroom door so they keep motivating you to achieve it. For example if you resolve to be fit then paste pictures of lean model.
Ways to complete a resolution

->Keep reminders: Make use of calendar’s reminder service in your phone to keep a self check

In this way you are judging your own performance.

->Set D-Day: Though there are 365 days to conquer your challenge, set a date. If a time limit is set to nearest you will work harder.

->Award for completion: As you achieve your target, award yourself with a pat and a gift. Let all your loved ones know that you acquired what you wished for.

So now you are set to take a resolution, implement it with comfortable ways and enjoy the joy of achievement.

And before finishing my post I want to share my resolution, I would like to keep my budding blog growing like a tree and you all can make it possible.


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