Wednesday 19 February 2014

One Don's Many Roles

“Each one of us on this earth are the actors of a play written and directed by God”; is well said by a famous author. Yes, we do play a myriad of roles in our personal as well as professional life and we keep jostling around different responsibilities. Each role play includes complete dedication and commitment to perform duties. Life is like changing masks of our face according to the role played and performing such multi faceted duties is a challenge. And a lot of expectations from each role to be fulfilled are what life all about is.

It’s like a single person wearing different hats at the same time; one has to be swift enough to shift between roles and, has and has to make effective adjustments. Whereas our personal life requires love & affection, professional life requires dedication; social life requires responsibility & modesty. One person essays many roles…. parent, friend, mentor, student, guardian and child; sometimes a mind boggling task to play. Don’t you feel the same way? And more over there are expectations attached to each role and mind you each responsibility to be played with utmost perfection? And there is quite often a discrepancy between the roles a person plays and what one really feels.

One has to learn to change avatars swiftly and equally important is to do it efficiently; without much difficulty and making effective adjustments and our emotions also travel with us accordingly. So let’s see few simple ways to perform our duties well.

1. Maintain balance in personal and professional life

2. Make things around you simpler by Planning your activities in advance

3. Plan your weekends for outdoor activities and regain energy for coming week

4. Be systematic and distribute your work (All tasks cannot be performed by U)

5. Do not carry your emotions for too long…….let it go

6. Act Right & do not lose your cool

7. Talk to family & keep your heart out with emotions……u feel lighter.

One may don many hats and obviously many emotions related to each one of them; but the real hero is a person who works out things peacefully and in a planned manner. A healthy and cheerful environment motivates to perform our duties with more dedication. Maintaining balance in life should be our first duty, as that can only help us to keep our personal and professional life healthy.So, next time when you are donning more than one hat @ single time; just take a deep breath and perform as there is no fun to perform without a challenge.

"The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations" - Eli Khamarov

@ Meenal.


  1. But what if there is a role conflict. .. the two roles require u to do different things.... like giving time to child and giving time to ur profession. .. with same limited time...

  2. Role conflict does not occur if you manage your roles and swiftly get into the other; timely management actually shows your efficency Rashi.


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