Monday 3 February 2014

Survival of Resolutions

Every New Year brings many new things along new vibes, new ideas, new challenges and most importantly new resolutions. A fresh energy moves like a wave within us at the start of the year and Inbox is full of wishes and greetings.

For many New Year wishes come along with a question” what would be the resolution this year?” As though it is not compulsory to take resolutions at the start of the year but many follow this practice worldwide. Performing a ritual all together makes you feel better and keeps you determined about it. Just as, like many form communities and forums to follow their hobby or passion.

When I was in school, we used to keep resolutions and check on friends who broke it. Few were very simple as participating in elocution or sports activities and few were set for improving grades.
But as years passes on intensity towards resolutions changes. If you had completed your resolution positively you tend to take another in next year and if you leave it in half way you say that you were not serious about it.

Whatever may be the resolution the main point is to keep trying unless you had achieved it? Many people take it for namesake and few feel so strongly that they stress themselves with the burden of completing it.
Resolutions do not comply with a notion for a fresh year to start yet all take it. And many resolutions are dead by the end of a first month, and few forget what resolutions they had taken.

Pacing progressively with resolutions shows how determined you are towards it. And for doing so you can follow simple ways

->Say it to world: When you take a resolution let your world around you know it. Tell your family, friends and you can make use of social networking sites to announce your resolution.
They will remind you of your challenge either gently or rudely, but don’t let words affect you but answer them with your actions

->Paste Pictures: Collect related pictures of your resolution and paste them in your wardrobe and on your bathroom door so they keep motivating you to achieve it. For example if you resolve to be fit then paste pictures of lean model.
Ways to complete a resolution

->Keep reminders: Make use of calendar’s reminder service in your phone to keep a self check

In this way you are judging your own performance.

->Set D-Day: Though there are 365 days to conquer your challenge, set a date. If a time limit is set to nearest you will work harder.

->Award for completion: As you achieve your target, award yourself with a pat and a gift. Let all your loved ones know that you acquired what you wished for.

So now you are set to take a resolution, implement it with comfortable ways and enjoy the joy of achievement.

And before finishing my post I want to share my resolution, I would like to keep my budding blog growing like a tree and you all can make it possible.


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