Friday 7 February 2014

Express It !!!

Oh! Wow is it true. Today school declared a holiday.
I love this chocolate. Its’ yummy!!!
I am angry with…..

Our day begins with an expression and end with it. Life without emotions and feelings would be beyond our imagination. Emotions are natural feelings and all are beautiful!

Expressing our feelings and thoughts makes one self different from others. One may say it through words and other express through eyes, or via actions or gestures or writing letters; there are many ways to express oneself. In this digital world your scope to express is much wider. There are so many emoticons that a simple laughter can be expressed in around 14 different ways.
This is the power of expression and we all celebrate the freedom of expression. If there was a day marked only to express what you feel about life, then a single day may not be enough for me whereas few others may convey it in few lines.

Expressing oneself to others helps them understand you in a more precise way and nothing is implied by self. Yes, there are times when a simple nod is enough to understand. For instance you are gifted the most awaited smart phone by your loved one and you don’t even react to it, as though it’s a usual greeting. Then you are hurting the feelings of person who presented the gift. Showing your emotions at this instance add happiness around you. At times it becomes important in any relationship to express ourselves to make others understand our feelings. For eg A mother and child bonding is very emotional, a mother understands what a child requires by just judging the facial expressions. Similar understanding can be seen between partners, siblings, close friends, parent-child. Understanding each other’s feelings and gestures well makes the bond stronger.

Managing our emotions is a very difficult task as our emotions are likely to be influenced by others actions and the circumstances prevailing around us; but if mastered then it can help one to fight against all odds. There are situations where we need to control our emotions for example in our work culture; we come across all walks of people there and therefore we may face many moods and emotions related with them.

Expression of thanking, forgiving, blessing, greeting all are important to life.

My final say on this would be don’t keep either guilt or goodness only to yourself. If you are sorry about your actions or words then express the guilt and face the consequences. If you are doing good let your aura of goodness be felt by others. Say what you feel to your family and friends, surely you will be more relaxed and transparent person. I will suggest that if you are unable to say it then express your feelings through writing.

"Hiding your emotions is self destructive and will never allow you to heal" – Anonymous

@ Sonal

Linking with ABC Wednesday for the letter E -Expression,Emotion


  1. Good piece of work. It is really inspiring and touching.

  2. My family says I wear my emotions on my face and I don't even realize it.

    1. That is great Ann, it's like your face is reflection to your heart :)

  3. I wonder if the inability to express oneself appropriately is why some people suddenly explode and shoot others in public settings.

    1. Maybe Su-siee, anything kept for longer time looses it's charm , and the same is with feelings.


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