Friday 28 February 2014

Pliable Child's Mind

Hi Mom! How beautiful is everything around, every little thing fills me with curiosity and amaze me a lot.  I want to go where ever I wish to; want to shout, clap and sing my rhymes.

I like chocolates and yummy ice creams...
I like to fly like a bird, why only it can do that...
When I cry the whole family surround me making sure I get what I wished for...
I make the house a complete hullabaloo.”

Surely these might be the words every toddler says in their cute voice. The tender heart wishes to do many things but does not want to be bounded by any walls.

There are times when kids tend to ask us questions, which we don't understand how to answer them. As a mother I know it sometimes becomes really tough to answer their innocent questions and convince them. One such incident which I can never forget was; one day when I was explaining my daughter that why one should not accept any gifts from strangers because we don't know them and accepting anything from them is not good. 

For a few seconds she pondered on what I told her and the next minute she put forth me an innocent question. She asked me “Mom where does God live?"

You said what we learn and what we eat are gifts from him.” I nodded with complete acceptance. She continued, “But is it not bad to accept them, as I have never seen him visiting my house, then is he not a stranger? How can we accept his gifts when we never met him face to face?” Such things put us under bewildered circumstances where it’s becomes difficult to explain these naughty little superstars. Their imagination is tremendous and their world is untarnished. If we look at the world through a child’s eyes we may not find worries and problems at all.

The innocence of a child is an astounding quality, which if not withered away as they grow can spread love and happiness everywhere. Their innocence sometimes amazes me and that is the only reason why I think that why have I grown up; instead I want to remain as a child for my complete life where there is at least peace of mind and happiness. Kids mind is pliable (flexible to adapt various changes) and they are always eager to learn new things, as their curiosity also grows with them. The tender mind should be given complete freedom to experiment with new aspects but proper guidance of their elders is necessary. The elders are not there to bind the younger brigade, but are always there to protect them from falling prey of all odds in life.

Child’s mind is like clay, which gets easily molded in a way we want them to.” But there are certain things on which a child needs to be molded with proper grooming, as without that the complete thing would go haywire. The environment, which a child gets from the beginning, is what makes the difference. What we teach them in their early childhood days reflects, as they grow old. I remember how my parents used to teach me how to behave when guests are at home, how I should share our toys with my friends, how to speak in a soft language with whoever they might be, always be ready to help others in need, the table manners and lot many things...thus such things a child learns slowly and steadily. The perfect aura of home and the surroundings is what is necessary for kids to learn a lot.

The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven” - John Milton



  1. i think , what we teach to children not matter much , but what we behave to other in the presence of children is more important. '" Jo Hum Bacho ko sikhate he , yadi bade un par khud amal kare to ye sansar swarg ban Jaye : Pt. Shriram sharma "

    1. Yes, you are right Ramesh That child behaviour is mirror image of elders.

  2. To retain the child's heart as we grow up - that's an attainable ideal, hard though.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Hard work is what parents do :))


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