Friday, 14 February 2014

Love - steps towards a beautiful journey

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Definition and meaning of love changes from person to person; and to define it, is quite a challenging task. When you love someone, your power of love should be so strong that any situation cannot shake your belief in partner. There are so many ways to express your love and it teaches you many things and one in true love learns it well. Love is like a song, sing it with all dedication.

Love is there in every emotions like the warmth of our parents, the scolding of our mentors, the ticking of our sisters, the laughter of our friends, the pranks of brothers, the tears of happiness and sadness and the list is never ending.

Love is special
Love is life
Love is ageless
Love is pure
Love is wealth
Love is powerful
Love is attitude
Love is passion
Love is transparent
Love is beyond boundaries
Love is beyond language
Love is beyond racism

Love is beyond education

Love teaches respect
Love teaches honesty
Love teaches sincerity
Love teaches compatibility
Love your self
Love your parents
Love your friends
Love your siblings
Love your partner
Love your children
Love your work
Love nature
Love your country
Love the world
Love is everywhere
Love is sacrifice
Love is Worship and above all
Love is God.....

The warmth and the tenderness of feelings of Love are pure and eternal; there are many plays which are written to depict the eternal love which teaches us how that bond makes our life beautiful. Do not expect anything in return as it is not what love is meant for. The affection we receive from our loved ones is special and makes us stand strong. Most of the problems around us would not exist if dealt with love and care. The words like meanness, jealousy, crime, revenge will not have any place in this world if each one has warmth and care for all.

Love is not bounding someone in limits but to give them wings, to mold one into an independent individual and most importantly love cannot be taken or won from anybody. Love should not become our weakness instead use the feelings with a positive attitude. February 14, celebrated as Valentine’s Day, a day to mark the feeling called Love; it is the day to thank everyone to whom we think are always beside us and our strength. So this year “Breathe love n exhale worries”.

Even when the future's not certain, our hearts can still be certain — of love and happiness and all that's good. ~Terri Guillemets

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