Friday 22 January 2021

Sugar-free toothpaste for Diabetes patient and Health Conscious people

"A smile is a great healer" so oral health and hygiene is the most important aspect to always have a sparkling perfect smile on the face. Beyond the smile is the dental care that is of utmost importance. Most of you will agree that Oral health is synonymous with healthy you. One has to be selective in dental care products, and one of the primary products for oral care is toothpaste. Toothpaste comes in various compositions and flavours; one can choose depending on their liking. Diabetic people need to take extra care while choosing the product and mostly look for sugar-free toothpaste.

Importance of Oral Care:

What we eat first sits in our mouth and that's where we feel the texture and taste of food. It is also the very first step of our digestion process besides oral care becoming all the more important. The entry point of our body should be free from diseases, and this is only possible by following a dental care routine. Also, monitoring our regular intake like picking sugar-free products to inhibit the growth of bacterial and fungal infection in the mouth.

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Monday 18 January 2021

Confusion in Love : Unloved in Love by Rituparna Ghosh :Book Review

Today we have a book review of the book ‘Unloved in Love book by Rituparna Ghosh. This book review is a part of Blogchatter Book Review program. 

Book Cover: 

The cover is bright and builds the curiosity to dive into the journey of love. The guitar and the pet cat on the cover give the idea that they are somehow important to give the story a new turn.

About the Author: 

Rituparna Ghosh holds a diploma in Novel Writing from the London School of Journalism. She works as a Transformational Life Coach. She is an MBA from IIT Madras and has had a successful career in research and analytics for almost ten years.

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Friday 15 January 2021

Upscale your reading & Grow with #TBRChallenge

New year and new resolutions are in the air in the month of January but you need someone to push you towards your resolution or a constant reminders to complete it. Study shows that people who keep a check on their resolutions time to time have a higher rate of completing the resolution than others. 

Selecting a resolution that keeps you motivated throughout the year and helps you grow in your personal and professional life are very few and one of them is reading habit. Reading is helpful in many perspectives, we will discuss in detail in this blogpost and also share about the #TBRChallenge, The Blogchatter Reading Challenge that is a reading challenge unique in its own way.

Why to take up Reading Challenge:

Commitment : 

By signing up for a reading challenge you are committing a time towards it and also deciding to learn new aspects of life through reading. You should be open enough to read and enter the world of books.


Learning is never ending process and through books you can learn many new things. It can be as simple as about new words, new culture, new language, new concept. If you are thinking you have done enough reading during your  education years then let us tell you that there are plenty of books where you can gain experiences of life.

Effective Me-time: 

Everyone wants to spend peaceful time alone in a day and reading can give you that solace by imagining the story right in front of you or gaining knowledge through self-help or non-fiction books.

There are many more reasons one should take up reading as a habit but we will leave you with these three to mark an imprint of reading.

Reading Challenge 2021 - MeenalSonal

Leave these virtues when you start to read:

Reading is an art and so is absorbing the book.

To read a book, we discussed what all is required but most important aspect is there are certain factors a reader should not follow. Check the top three virtues a reader should never possess.


Reading a story without any assumptions will make you an attentive reader, if you assume a particular angel in the story and flip 4-5 pages then you may miss a vital point in the story.


Whenever you start reading a book , break all inhibitions and all set pre-set guidelines of the world. Do not fall prey to the rules set in the real world as the books has their own world and a new dimension all together.


Each book has its pace and a reader. You cannot just scan the book through skimming the pages. Take your time to start the book, read the blurb, about the author, acknowledgements, version history of the books, chapter headings so that you feel connect with the book. 

What to read: Biggest question in the reading challenge

What to read is the biggest challenge to many people who wish to read but never know from where to start with. These few tips can help you to make your reading list and keep you paced up in the reading challenge.

Saturday 9 January 2021

The goodness of Nature in Namyaa Period care kit for Woman

In this pandemic phase, we all have witnessed that health is the utmost priority and one cannot neglect it. Everyone is going the extra mile in choosing and living a healthy lifestyle and that goes in each sector, be it the selection of food items, the products in which we are consuming food, or the air we are breathing. Every aspect is important in overall health. A woman has to go the extra mile to take care of the family and also for herself. Many times woman neglect their body signs and continue to avoid their health issues citing them as minor.

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Woman Health Care:

A woman has many tasks on her list and very well organize the schedule so that every family member receives the best of care and remain healthy. Most of the woman either neglect the care during the periods or are not aware that it is a problem. Yes, periods and talks around it are always hush-hush and often women tend to ignore their health issues. What woman can do in such situations when they don’t have any person to share such problems with? Namyaa Period Care kit comes as a solution to it .