Monday 18 January 2021

Confusion in Love : Unloved in Love by Rituparna Ghosh :Book Review

Today we have a book review of the book ‘Unloved in Love book by Rituparna Ghosh. This book review is a part of Blogchatter Book Review program. 

Book Cover: 

The cover is bright and builds the curiosity to dive into the journey of love. The guitar and the pet cat on the cover give the idea that they are somehow important to give the story a new turn.

About the Author: 

Rituparna Ghosh holds a diploma in Novel Writing from the London School of Journalism. She works as a Transformational Life Coach. She is an MBA from IIT Madras and has had a successful career in research and analytics for almost ten years.

Unloved in Love - AuraOfThoughts

The Loved Story Plot:

Unloved in love is a story of three different people who are somehow left unloved in their life journey. The story kick-starts with Kiara Sen who wants to prove herself not to the world, but her mother. She wants to break the barriers and start her new venture. She falls in love with Kyle Wolf who hails from the UK. He has a family business and his father wants him to continue the legacy but he has some other life plans for him. Karan Shergill very well understands the value of relationships and does not believe in one-sided love as he has seen his mother suffer for that. 

They all are set out to find that perfect one but somehow life plays odd things that keep them apart. This is a story full of misunderstanding, confusion, and a swirl of emotions.

Several other characters keep guiding them to attain their dream partner.

But will each one find their true love or will they remain unloved is worth the read?

unloved in love book review - AuraOfThought

Points Loved:

• Simple language and clear characterization.

• Narrated in the first person, the chapter names are named after the characters which traverse the story ahead.

• The author portrays the confusion the youth has while choosing a perfect partner for them.

• The central character Kiara is seen juggling to find the ultimate love is depicted very well. 

• The guitar and Pippa, the cat bring in freshness to the story.

Points Unloved:

The story seemed a bit draggy in the middle could have wrapped up early.

A few grammatical mistakes are overlooked. 

Final word: 

The book Unloved in Love by Rituparna Ghosh focuses on the confusion the youth face and how they fall for one but later drifts away as life entangle them with myriad challenges. Overall one-time leisure read who loves to take a journey of love. This love story makes us think and deep dive into characters. 

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Book Details:

Book Title: Unloved in Love

Author: Rituparna Ghosh

Publication: Readomania

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 978-93-85854-89-7

No. Of Pages: 284

Price: INR 295

My Rating: 4/5

Availability : On leading stores & websites like Amazon 

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  1. I had heard a lot about Rituparna Ghosh but never get a chance to read her work. the plot of this book sounds really interesting and more look like a web series plot. the lead characters sounds really interesting. your review has made me curious to know more about their story. thanks a lot dear for sharing your honest review.

  2. Rituparna Ghosh is one author I wanted to always read. The cultural heritage in the books help up learn a lot. The title unloved in love itself speaks a lot about the book. Curious to read now

  3. If the story pace drops in between it affects the reading experience. It is appreciable that you did not DNF the book. Seems like an interesting book. Thanks for sharing

  4. It's title speaks a lot. I am so eager to read this book seem so interesting book.

  5. This book ses to be an interesting light read keeping in touch with the young minds and hearts. The author's work is lived by many but I've yet to read her book. Will try this one.

  6. Looks like a good read. Am intrigued to check it out post reading your review. Thanks for sharing

  7. I have heard about Rituparna Ghosh but not read her work. This book seems to get a nice and light read with an interesting plot. Will check it out.

  8. Looks like a very interesting book!Title speaks a lot!

  9. I'm not a fan of romance as a genre anymore since most love stories somehow get treated in a similar fashion. This is a good review. Liked your honest thoughts.

  10. The cover of the book looks so intriguing and interesting. And I love how you have written a detailed review. I will look for this book if available on Kindle. Will definitely read it.

  11. I am curious to read this book because the title sounds interesting!I heave heard of the author but never read any of her books! The plot matches my taste
    Thanks a lot for the honest review!

  12. This romantic book seems to be quite popular these days. I am not too much into romance but will surely recommend it to those who love the genre

  13. liked your honest opinion on this book.. I am technically not a fan of romance but I feel this could be a good light read

  14. I read this and absolutely loved it. This was my first read of the year and I am glad I enjoyed reading this :)

  15. I have read Rituparna before and love her style of writing. Unloved in love sounds interesting as reviewd by you. Would surely like to give it a read.

  16. I am so glad to read this review as story and plot looks so interesting. Even I loved the cover of the book!

  17. The book cover looks very fascinating. Sounds like a very interesting read. Will check it out.


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