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Sugar-free toothpaste for Diabetes patient and Health Conscious people

"A smile is a great healer" so oral health and hygiene is the most important aspect to always have a sparkling perfect smile on the face. Beyond the smile is the dental care that is of utmost importance. Most of you will agree that Oral health is synonymous with healthy you. One has to be selective in dental care products, and one of the primary products for oral care is toothpaste. Toothpaste comes in various compositions and flavours; one can choose depending on their liking. Diabetic people need to take extra care while choosing the product and mostly look for sugar-free toothpaste.

Importance of Oral Care:

What we eat first sits in our mouth and that's where we feel the texture and taste of food. It is also the very first step of our digestion process besides oral care becoming all the more important. The entry point of our body should be free from diseases, and this is only possible by following a dental care routine. Also, monitoring our regular intake like picking sugar-free products to inhibit the growth of bacterial and fungal infection in the mouth.

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Why dental health is necessary:

Taking care of our teeth needs a lifetime of care and a proper cleaning routine. General daily care can prevent a lot of problems and this can be achieved by using the right oral care products. These days we have ample choices to pick the kind of toothpaste and mouthwash we like to use. But one should be mindful in choosing the right product according to the need and requirement of the body. 

One should always look for herbal chemical-free formula while choosing a toothpaste.

Sugar-free toothpaste is the best choice not only for diabetic patients but also for health-conscious people.

Ayurvedic formula uses various natural products that aid in natural healing and cleaning properties.

Since everybody responds differently to different products, one should look for an anti-allergic formula to prevent gum decay.

Sensitive teeth should be given extra care by using mild toothpaste.

Diabetes and oral care:

Oral care in diabetic patients becomes all the more important as uncontrolled blood sugar levels can hinder the gum health causing various infections. As a result, serious gum diseases may cause sugar levels to rise. Unmanaged sugar levels may lead to decreased immunity, alleviating the problems all the more. Diabetic and health-conscious people shall look for dental care products that are sugar-free which can help them to attain the regularised blood sugar levels.

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Vicco labs have been giving its customers products that are filled with the goodness of nature and all the ayurvedic ingredients. Dental care also has many flavors

such as Vicco Vajradanti Dalchini, Vicco Vajradanti Saunf. And for diabetic people, Vicco Vajradanti Sugar-Free Paste is prepared with no sweetening agents.

Though it has no sweetening agents, it tastes good and grabs a place on the shelf of health-conscious people. People who cut down their sugar intake can now use this sugar-free toothpaste. Let us look at a few features of this paste.

Vicco Vajradanti Sugar free paste

Perfect for Diabetic People as it is specifically formulated for diabetic patients.

Helpful for health-conscious people

It does not contain sugar in any form.

It has no added flavours or chemicals.

It is made-up of natural ingredients like  Babhul, Jambhul, Laung, Manjishtha, Bor, Akhrot, Akkal - kadha, Jeshthamadh Ajwain, Dalchini, Khair, Patang, Harada, Vajradanti, Anantmul, Amla, and few more herbs.

It aids to treat types of dental problems like bleeding gums, swollen gums, and other periodontal disorders.

It has natural antiseptic and analgesic features that take care of oral care on a daily basis.

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With many features, this paste fits right to each home who looks for a healthy lifestyle and the beginning can be done right by choosing the right toothpaste. Looking forward to our health has been a priority in our lives and choosing the right product for our family is our responsibility to be fulfilled. 

Positivity begins with self and one of the simple forms of being positive is a smile, and if the smile has a shine from the tooth within then no darkness can hamper it. 



  1. I was not aware that any such toothpaste is available in market and it's so great to have so that oral care should not be missed in any terms!!

  2. I seriously had no idea about sugar free toothpaste even I am diabetic definitely
    Will be checking out.. Thank you for review.

  3. Vicco Vajradanti is one of oldest and reputed brand in oral hygiene. My grandparents relied on it so much. Having a toothpaste for diabetic patients is so good.

  4. Vicco Vajradanti has year's of trust. Now they have come up with an idea that probably no one has heard about. Great prospect there. Toothpaste for diabetic patients! Wow

  5. Sugar free tooth paste are great options for diabetics abd otherwise too.Its important to choose a good one.I have used my favorite since forever .

  6. Vicco is a great and trustworthy brand and it is really great that now they are offering sugar free tooth paste for diabetics. my father is diabetic, will surly tell him about this tooth paste. thanks a lot dear for sharing.

  7. This is so interesting! Never knew that a sugar free toothpaste even exists! Will be sure to suggest is to my mum well is diabetic.

  8. I never knew there was a concept of sugar free toothpastes too. It is a very good information and I will sury recommend it to my family members who are diabetic.

  9. I had no idea about sugar free toothpaste and it's benefits m this article has been really eye opening

  10. Vicco is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in India. I didn't know it had sugar free toothpaste also. Thanks for sharing this valuable piece of information

  11. Vicco vrajadanti is an old brand name in India and I remember my grandparents use it. I am glad that a sugar free version is available which is best suited for diabetic people.

  12. Oh this is such an informative and an eye opener post for me. My husband is a diabetic but we never thought he should change his toothpaste too. In fact, we had no idea that a sugar free toothpaste also exits. I will be replacing our toothpaste now with a sugar free toothpaste. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thats a good product.though we dont swallow the toothpaste so the actually qantity if sugars going in our body are negligible vut this still eliminates any other chances of rise in blood sugar levels via tooth pastes

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