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Death on The Nile by Agatha Christie: Murder Mystery Book

Reading a murder mystery can keep you awake for nights to know the next move in the book so is the book Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie published by HarperCollins. Let us explore all aspects of this book in this book review. 

About the author: Agatha Christie

I have not read many of the renowned author Agatha Christie book, and this year I have pledged myself to read the bestsellers, so this is the first in the year. Many already know about the famous author yet let me share few highlights about her.

Agatha Christie has penned more than 100 titles that includes Mystery books, Poitrot book series, Tommy & Tuppence, Memoirs, Plays & Stories. She was one of the best-selling authors whose words and plot were magical besides the detectives build the whole scenario so colorful. Born in 1890, her books speak volume of the changes the world was going through and till her health fall ill in 1973, she continued to write. 

After reading this book, I am surely going to pick few more books by this author and add in my collection as these books are treasure.

Agatha Christie Book Review - MeenalSonal

Book Title & Cover: 

The title of the book ‘Death on the Nile’ makes it clear that it is about the murder mystery set in Europe and the cover showcasing the ship says it all that all happens when people are on board on Nile. A clean sunset background makes the title and the ship looks appealing. 

Murder Mystery Plot: 

Linnet Ridgeway is a rich girl of England who has everything perfect in her life and she is very particular with her business and goes into complete detailing. She is about to turn a age when she will be given assigned fortune to handle herself and trustees will have no role to play. Her close friend Jacqueline de Bellefort, Jackie visits her one day for a favor to appoint her fiancé Simon Doyle in her estate. But after few months Linnet Ridgeway is married to Simon Doyle and they are both off to their honeymoon to Egypt.

There are many on the ship, who are known or related to Linnet in some manner and are the waves on the Nile unmasks their real characters and the purpose for being there. Also on board is famous detective Hercule Poitrot who takes up the investigation of the murder of Linnet Doyle. Not only one the events turn so evil that many mysteries are unfolded. 

High Tide waves in the Death on the Nile:

The story has a preface section that has description and background of all the characters in the order of their appearance in the story. 

Every character has a defined design and reader can surely imagine the characteristics of the character. Like Linnet Ridgeway, a woman who has a profound business knowledge has a strong presence in her words too.

Many people on the ship make the plot interesting and confuses the reader to guess who can be the murderer. That’s a good point as a reader will be hooked to the book till the end.

As the story is set few decades ago, it takes us to an era where detectives diagnosed and intrigued each link deeply through the facts without any gadgets.

The analysis of Colonel Race & Hercule Poitrot is delight to read and all Sherlock Homes – Dr.Watson lovers will like this duo too.

Low Tide waves in the Death on the Nile:

In the story the author uses First name at places and last name at places, so that is confusing at times especially at the beginning of the book. If you don’t want to miss anything write all names on a paper as I did because I didn’t want the flow to break because so many characters were introduced. 

As the story is set in Egypt, there are many French words in between, though few are known to all such as Monsieur (Mr.) Mademoiselle (Miss) yet there are few terms which I had to take pause and look for the word in Google or asked my child who has chosen French as third language. 

Final Word: 

Death on the Nile is one of the best works of Agatha Christie that is set in the 1930, with multiple characters in the story the plot is set for the murder and many angels uproot for detective Hercule Poitrot to solve. The way mystery unfolds is wonderful read for all crime fiction lovers. 

Book Details:

Book name: Death on the Nile

Author: Agatha Christie

Publishers: harper Collins

Pages: 373, Paperback

Genre: Mystery, Crime Fiction.

Stars: 4.5/5

Soon, a movie is going to be made on this book, and I am surely going to watch it for how the mystery unfolds in screen after reading it in words. This Book review is a part of the Book Review program at Blogchatter, where we received the book in exchange of the honest and detailed review.

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  1. Yes I had heard a lot about agatha christie but never get a chance to read her work. though crime fiction is mot my favorite genre but I felt a curiosity about book after reading your review. as you said that a movie is going to made on same book, I would love to watch it, as visual elements add extra charm to subject.

  2. Wow this seems like another gem by Agatha Christie. I would love to pick up Death on The Nile for my next read.

  3. For some reason I never came across her books. Now I'm hearing a lot about them. Thanks to Ur post, I'll probably go check some out.

  4. I am a very big fan of Agatha Christie and I have all her books. I liked that you have written this lovely review.

  5. I've never read this author's book considering that murders and thrillers is not something that I'm fond of. Will recommend this book to my friend

  6. I love to read Agatha Christie's novels. Though they are all murder mysteries, they have such an old world charm that is very endearing. Death on The Nile is definitely one of my favourite books.

  7. This really looks a good murder-mystery story with a complex plot. It is surely a engaging and entertaining novel. Will going to read this for sure.

  8. this book seems intriguing.. I love crime fiction and have a heard a lot about the author.. your review is just pushing me to grab the book and enjoy my weekends

  9. The book seems really interesting to me.. I love detective stories! I will get this one.

  10. This book is made in movie? Wow! I should read this then, I like crime, mystery books.

  11. Being a crime fiction lover myself, I definitely should lay my hand on this one. As it is, so much has been written about Death on The Nile by Agatha Christie. I'm not surprised this was the author's best work.

  12. Agatha Christe books rule the mystery genre and she has written really aweosme stories in her lifetime. This book indeed has mu attention after reading your review and since I enjoy this genre a lot, i am adding it to my TBR list.

  13. Agatha Christie is my dad's favourite. I kinda love the books and especially the suspense thrillers they entail. Very grasping.


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