Monday, 15 February 2021

Keeth & Kokil : A Tale of Two Unique Personalities

ShortStory - Different Personalities- MeenalSonal

Keeth and Kokil loved the company of each other besides they were always seen together. Their bonding was admired and much talked about in the community. 

Under the canopy of thick trees, they had their beautiful abode far from the hustle-bustle of urbanization they lived peacefully in the lap of nature. 

Keeth was hardworking, determined, and was always adept to help others. He was strong-willed besides once set out on a task would not sit until it was complete.

Kokil was blessed with a sweet voice and her hymns were melodious and mesmerizing. Her gifted voice attracted many friends around and was much appreciated by all. She loved the way each one acknowledged her and felt proud of her extravagant singing.

They grew up and so their ego too. Trouble started brewing slowly, their paths started to differ. 

Kokil's popularity started troubling Keeth. Though he worked hard day and night appreciation always flowed for Kokil. Her sweet rendition brought applauds and she was now used to these.

Jassi Aunty sensed the trouble between them and asked Keeth about the matter. Keeth was adamant that he will learn singing to draw everyone's attention towards him.

Aunty was worried, she knew about the strong-headed nature of Keeth. God has created each one with different qualities. The vocal cords of Keeth were delicate and therefore singing will make them more worse and painful. Jassi Aunty was very much aware of this and so was Keeth.

Siblings rivalry, how far can it go? is now a matter of concern to her. 

But Keeth’s will overpowered all and he started to practice singing. Kokil merrily enjoyed the aura of praises and very much enjoyed being in her cocoon of self-love.

Days passed by.....But one day.....

The danger alarm from the meteorological department was hooting loudly everywhere. Heavy rains lashed all over the place uprooting many trees putting the life tipsy turvy. Most of the community members lost their abode and were tensed. 

Keeth's helping nature ward off most of his friend's hard time due to incessant rains while Kokil's voice soothes the troubled mind with peace. Even Keeth also started his singing practice and began to sing very much like Kokil.

Rains have played much havoc leaving deep and large pits of water everywhere. Keeth witnessed the herd of elephants approaching towards him in search of a safe place. Those enormous pits will pose a danger as the herd may not be aware of this; thinking of the same he started singing to divert their mind. He sang and sang louder to pull focus towards him but it all went in vain.

At last, Keeth screamed in his original voice, sensing some trouble the herd stopped and that saved many lives. Everyone applauded Keeth for his presence of mind and nobility. This incident was an eye-opener for Keeth. He understood that each one of us is here to perform different duties. Imitating others or copying someone will not make someone rise in life, but our individuality will always be rewarded. 

That was the day when life returned to the forest. All the animals were happy that things are again normal now.

Keeth, the crow, and Kokil, the Koyal flocked to their sweet home.  After all, a sibling's love is unconditional and pure thought Jassi Aunty, the Owl.

This story is a part of #StoryTellersBlogHop where 43 Blogger participants are together for the love of the fiction. We have selected the prompt 'Siblings rivalry , how far it can go.'

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  1. Such a positive story about self awareness. Beautifully woven and the end to know the reality of keeth and kokil is delight.
    I am so happy to be a co-host on the #storytellersbloghop with you guys.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  2. Nice to read an innovative take on story telling. Loved that crow and a koyal were siblings and loved the moral of the story.

  3. Keeth, the crow, Kokil, the Koyal and Jassi Aunty, the Owl - this just looked like iam reading one of those stories i read as a kid. thank you for making me nostalgic. every line of the story showered positivity which just made me so happy. thank you dear hosts for such a wonderful story.

  4. Lovely story to the fact that at some point in life we try to copy other person. But dispite trying our best we fail at it..

  5. Such a simple and wise tale. Made me feel like I am reading Amar Chitra Katha. Loved your take on the prompt, and the lesson in these wise words.

  6. Each person is blessed with some qualities. Instead of copying others, we must improve our traits:)
    Nice story.

  7. Superb story. I had guessed kokil right but wasn't sure about keeth. Such an amazing narration. It felt as if I was sitting on one of the branches in the forest. The essence, moral, fun, relatability worked well throughout the story.

  8. Yes I agree that each one has different talent and caliber. and when it comes to sibling relationship, it is best to avoid comparison but many times it happen and siblings tend to follow each other's path to get attention and praise. you had shared this emotion so perfectly in this story. really like the way you had narrated the whole scene.

  9. Simple yet beautifully weaved story. Self-awareness, knowing your skills and not comparing it with others is very important. Didn't realize the Keeth , Koyal, and Jassi Aunty till end. Good one.

  10. A simple yet beautiful story asking us to value our individuality. It is true and something the humans should always remember. Imitation is not going to help anyone.

  11. That was a tale with the greatest message of celebrating each one's uniqueness. A wonderful way of telling children's tale with a takeaway for all age groups.

  12. A lovely tale akin to the fables from panchtantra. nice
    Deepika Sharma

  13. Love the simplicity and creativity in your story. The message you have conveyed is beautiful and much needed! It's good to be self aware and explore ones own talent rather than imitate others.

  14. Aww very sweet inspirational story with very strong message. Self acceptance is the first step of glory and victory well said, everyone is special with their different yet unique quality. Loved the end part; revelation of identity of characters.

    Archana Srivastava

  15. Self Acceptance is the utmost important trait one has to develop. Lovely narration with simple words. Loved the way you weaved the story

  16. The story is so true about unique personalities and protecting our individuality. Aping only makes the matter worse for us and others. This reminded me of fables from panchtantra and their moral stories. Loved the names keeth, koyal and jassi auntie... seems like a Punjabi neighborhood 😁

  17. Such a cute story. Each of us have things that we are good and some things we are not so good at. We will be happier when we recognise this.

  18. true, each person is blessed with their own unique skill and quality and we have to cherish what we have than comparing ourselves with others. A beautiful story.

  19. Self awareness is very important and what a beautiful story to know it from. The curtain raiser at the end that Keeth and Kokil were birds brought a smile... I'll read this story to my little girl too...

  20. Liked the way the characters are made in the human circumstance and the final change in perspective. Good take.

  21. Such a simple lesson for all of us to understand and learn. All of us have something unique about us and imitating others will only ruin our individuality. I loved the way you narrated this story, kids will identify with this so much.

  22. It's a lovely story about contrasting characters ! The moral of the story is something that every child is taught but then as they become adults ,they forget ! So, this story is very apt for recalling the fact that jealousy does not yield anything but only self acceptance is what matters.

  23. Wow that was a beautiful one. One must indeed recognize their unique set of skills and polish them instead of trying to become somebody else.


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