Thursday, 26 June 2014

FOOTBALL...with a twist

The game of football drives everyone crazy irrespective of one’s age. The game is filled with passion, hard work and complete dedication of the players; who want to perform and win for their respective teams. Vince Lombardi very beautifully quoted “Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority”. If we look at the game of football from a different point of view, it teaches us many things in life. Confused with the comparison, let’s have a look at it from my point of view

Now let’s for some time visualize ourselves as football (we). We tackle many situations in life or in other words life keeps testing us by creating different circumstances and thus we keep passing
(being kicked) from one role to another, doing our complete justice.

Team Players:: Positivity
A person’s positive attitude towards life, the thoughts one possess, good deeds, dedication, hard work, enthusiasm, honesty and passion helps to reach our Dreams (goals) in life. It’s very intelligently quoted by Felicity Luckey that “When You achieve your football goals,you never know what football dream you inspire in the life of another.”

Defender Players::Negativity
Life would be comfortable and easy going if there would be no obstacles; but few situations rather kick us in another direction thus, restricting us to attain our dreams (goals). The Negative Thoughts, false assumptions & our fear block our way to achieve good in life. As life is all about get going one must not mind the kicks which stop us instead take them as lessons to move forward to achieve aims (Goal).

Our dreams, objective in life, achievements, aims and targets set are our goals. Thus, life is full of aims, full of vigor, enthusiasm and gives us a direction to move ahead in life. “In life, as in football, you won't go far unless you know where the goalposts are.” -Arnold H. Glasow

Football says a lot
Goal Keeper:: Inner conscious
In the game of life it is our instincts and conscious which keeps checking us that we do everything in a right manner. They act as a firewall and restricts us from taking the wrong track. We can only score a goal if our inner conscious allows us to guides us to lead to destination.

“Believe you can achieve your football goals and you are half way there”- Anonymous, This quote is very apt as our own belief is our mentor. This belief is instilled in us by our teachers, our parents, our friends and our well-wishers and it gives us an extra boost to perform our tasks well.

Extra Time::Second Chance
Sometimes, Life gives us few more chances to prove ourselves & fulfill goals, so utilizing it efficiently is responsible task.

Half Time::Wakeup Alarm
When tired in the path of struggle and about to lose focus, it’s a reminder call that tells us to work harder for another half.

Cards:: limits
Everything in world is set in its limits, if we cross it we need to pay for it.

On a final note, every little thing around us teaches many values of life; it is up to our own point of view of analyzing and applying the same in our day to day activities. So, set your goals, frame a game plan and work out to reach to it….and enjoy Football life :))

“The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle problems, block your fears and score your points when you get the opportunity” – Lewis Grizzard


Friday, 20 June 2014

Save Ur Changes...

Life keeps testing ourselves each day and we keep overcoming the tests put forth to us. But when I hear our grandparents comparing the past life with the present, one thing which really strikes me is the drastic change in day to day challenges faced. Our life is more blessed because our ancestors welcomed the change, took chances which resulted in making our living more comfortable today. It is a gift from previous generation to present generation; and similarly we should gift to future generations too. But this always pops myriad of questions in our mind like Why, What, When, How…and so on. Let’s take a look one by one

Which kind of change do we really want to welcome in our life?
Now this is a big question in front of us. Normally, we like change when it is more swiftly done, when there is not much reshuffling of our routine; sometimes few changes go unnoticed because they have a meager effect on our life. Moreover we accept change when we are prepared for it or when we have a little idea about its after effects. It’s beautifully quoted by Jim Rohm that” Your life does not get better by chance, its gets better by change”.

Why we resist change? Will change be useful?
When we are contented and happy with the way the things are going, at times we try to resist any change assuming that life can’t be better than this; but who knows that one change in life can make a huge difference and life becomes better and merrier than before. A very beautiful thought which is inspiring goes like this “Don’t be afraid to change, you may lose something good but u may gain something better”. Sometimes if the change ropes in more challenges to your life, tests your patience and perseverance then that change is unwelcomed and forcefully accompanied in your life. But as time passes we come to know its importance and slowly become a necessity.

Why change is important?
As we all know change is a part of life and it is very important aspect; without which the arena or the way we are living our life is not possible. But what matters much is the degree of change and to what extent it will affect our life. It is very aptly quoted by Heraclitus that “The Only thing that is constant is change”.

 Imagine life without any change…….Lets take our mind on a tour of past life and make a list of what has changed till date and was the change required at that point of time? And why have we changed? We all would surely get an answer. If there was no change there would be no growth and progress in a society. The gadgets which we use in a day to life have made our life easier and unknowingly have become a part of our life. Without them we cannot imagine that we can move ahead. The things which are a necessity today soon became the past giving way to newer better things and this is possible only through change.“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance”-Allan W Watts.

So the big question lies here is “Are we saving the changes that are taking place?". Yes, if we save them and bring reflect changes in our routine then that becomes part of our life. And if you don’t save it or adapt to change then every time you need to juggle to overcome the change or look for replacements. So better save your changes and move ahead for betterment immense happiness and satisfaction. “Excitement of life comes with change by adopting new ways and exploring the challenges ahead. It helps to keep us get going to unfold many more changes ahead”. Ultimately the change which gives us contentment and cheerfulness is always being acceptable to each one and same is applicable to our home or our work place or society.

My final say is “Life always has paths with sharp turns, but a change in our vehicle called mind can make the turns smoother”.  Thus, change is nothing but reorganizing, refining, remolding our priorities to metamorphose into a better individual. So,remember to save your changes and write to us which was the bigger change that was challenging.

@ Meenal