Friday 15 January 2021

Upscale your reading & Grow with #TBRChallenge

New year and new resolutions are in the air in the month of January but you need someone to push you towards your resolution or a constant reminders to complete it. Study shows that people who keep a check on their resolutions time to time have a higher rate of completing the resolution than others. 

Selecting a resolution that keeps you motivated throughout the year and helps you grow in your personal and professional life are very few and one of them is reading habit. Reading is helpful in many perspectives, we will discuss in detail in this blogpost and also share about the #TBRChallenge, The Blogchatter Reading Challenge that is a reading challenge unique in its own way.

Why to take up Reading Challenge:

Commitment : 

By signing up for a reading challenge you are committing a time towards it and also deciding to learn new aspects of life through reading. You should be open enough to read and enter the world of books.


Learning is never ending process and through books you can learn many new things. It can be as simple as about new words, new culture, new language, new concept. If you are thinking you have done enough reading during your  education years then let us tell you that there are plenty of books where you can gain experiences of life.

Effective Me-time: 

Everyone wants to spend peaceful time alone in a day and reading can give you that solace by imagining the story right in front of you or gaining knowledge through self-help or non-fiction books.

There are many more reasons one should take up reading as a habit but we will leave you with these three to mark an imprint of reading.

Reading Challenge 2021 - MeenalSonal

Leave these virtues when you start to read:

Reading is an art and so is absorbing the book.

To read a book, we discussed what all is required but most important aspect is there are certain factors a reader should not follow. Check the top three virtues a reader should never possess.


Reading a story without any assumptions will make you an attentive reader, if you assume a particular angel in the story and flip 4-5 pages then you may miss a vital point in the story.


Whenever you start reading a book , break all inhibitions and all set pre-set guidelines of the world. Do not fall prey to the rules set in the real world as the books has their own world and a new dimension all together.


Each book has its pace and a reader. You cannot just scan the book through skimming the pages. Take your time to start the book, read the blurb, about the author, acknowledgements, version history of the books, chapter headings so that you feel connect with the book. 

What to read: Biggest question in the reading challenge

What to read is the biggest challenge to many people who wish to read but never know from where to start with. These few tips can help you to make your reading list and keep you paced up in the reading challenge.

Book Recommendations: 

Always consider the book recommendations of friends and family and beyond that you can always look upto the book communities or book bloggers for their recommendations.

Book Reviews: 

Book Reviews are a great help that can help you decide whether you can pick this book or not. The analytical book reviews shares insights about the book yet are not spoiler of the book.

Long pending TBR: 

Check your book shelf, there must be surely 2-3 books which are lying unread or maybe you have read them decade ago. It is the time you puck the book and start reading. Also check your e-commerce websites where you have saved books in your cart, this is the time to check out for the delivery. 

Support friends who turned author: 

You can also support your author friends who have published their books in the recent years. Reading a  book by a person known to you is different feeling and in turn you are supporting the author by making a purchase.

Read what interest you: 

Finally and most vital important, read what interest you. Yes this is the mantra to be followed. It is possible that you do not like best seller book but liked a book by upcoming author a book that is under rated or not discovered by many people. Read mythology books if that is your interest areas, read thrillers if you like it because your interest will keep you hooked to the book.

Quick reading tips - AuraOfThoughts

Upscaling Reading with these tricks:

Pick genre of your choice:

You can ace the reading only when you pick book of your choice, so in the first half of the year pick the books that interest you and not experimenting with the genre. In this way you will reach more than half way of your decided reading number of books and by the time you have now developed the reading habit to try new book genres.

Parallel reading : 

You can pick 2-3 books simultaneously and dedicate different slots to it so that you can complete your reading list faster plus it maintains your interest in the books as each book has unique storyline.

Paperback & eBook Reading: 

To upscale your reading pick a paperback and eBook simultaneously so that if you don’t have physical copy with you , you will have your smart device and can start reading. Don’t miss out a chance to read, carry your book along the places you go, you will have tendency to read it if your book is nearby else gadgets are always reachable hence starting a eBook is a good idea.

Join Book related communities or groups: 

By joining the book related groups you will receive news of the latest books and all things related to the books, this will be constant reminder in your feed to read the books.

Indian Reading Challenge - MeenalSonal

Why #TBRChallenge is unique & simple:

Makes you the judge: 

Reader decides how many books to read, so you are committing the number based on your reading time and after assessing all factors you are giving a number.

No list to follow : 

Blogchatter has not provided any particular list of books to be read in this year. So it is completely your choice what you wish to read.

Simple process to sign up: 

To begin with the form is simple, it asks you just a number of books you can read in this year 2021, just fill that number and voila you are in the #TBRChallenge and you have follow few simple guidelines to begin with, Get to know more of these details at the Blogchatter #TBRChallenge post here.

Adding Books: 

No review or 2 lines are required about the books, it is only the pic of the book you need to upload with Book and author name details.

Get access to free eBooks :  

One can access all the free books in the library of the Blogchatter and if you are Book Blogger then can check the books up for review under the Book Review section. 

Does all these pointers are making you upscale your reading and making you turn books. And you think you can atleast dedicate half an hour to read each day. Then check the reading challenge and book your seat in the TBRChallenge. 

We, Meenal & Sonal have set a target of 52 books this year and we are hopeful to complete it. You can look at mini and reviews of the books on our Instagram page and detailed reviews in the Book Reviews section. 

See you at #TBRChallenge and into the world of books.



  1. I've signed up for the challenge too. It's time I get back to serious reading. This will keep me motivated to complete my pending reads.

  2. "Support friends who turned author" I intend to be very active in this, pick as much as I can from community authors too :) So good to see you guys here! We will nail this challenge together!

  3. The habit of reading is one of the best qualities that a person can possess. These are some great pointers. I always support my friends who turned author. Thanks for sharing this article with us

  4. I would love to take up the reading challenge as I feel it’s the only way I can read enough books. I will team up with a few of them and then read books together.

  5. Being a voracious reader, the #TBRChallenge, sounds interesting. Reading is really very beneficial and also spurs creativitiy. If one wants write, reading is invaluabls. Again reading is something that can never get over, and is an activity that can be done anywhere and everywhere.

  6. I will sign up for this reading challenge. I liked your practical tips, we often read just for the heck of it, without paying real attention. I believe that is one point very well highlighted by you and any reader should avoid. Infact going for these challenges, keep the momentum high and one gets into reading.

  7. I used to be a reader but lost interest. Your article really motivated me to start again. Thanks 😊

  8. Great post Sonal and honestly you had inspired me to take blogchatter reading challenge. yes, reading offers great opportunity to learn something new and explore new language, even new culture. all the best for challenge.

  9. Wow that's a detailed, comprehensive account of how to ignite reading interest. I have signed up too. Soon I will be posting on it. Thank you so much for the post

  10. Your post will surely force a bunch of people to start reading again. Always we try to find excuses to not read. Not anymore. You proved that it is not an impossible feat. If you have the interest you can find time to read. Loved the post

  11. I haven't signed up for reading challenge as think I am not able to complete it. But it is great tips ,how to choose and read wisely.

  12. So many people seem to be participating in the #TBRchallenge and it's definitely a good platform to raise your reading challenges and interact with some like minded people.

  13. I have always been an avid reader, but have never participated in a reading challenge. I used to think that one needs to read at their own pace to be able to enjoy. But all these convincing reasons have compelled me to rethink this and take part in a reading challenge.

  14. I wanted to sign up for this challenge but was afraid won't be able to stick till the end. May be next time. I loved your tips here about what not to consider while reading and how to choose the right book.

  15. I too have joined the #TBRChallenge and super excited about it. I've been a part of reading challenges on other platforms earlier and barring 2020 I have always gone beyond my targets. Super excited for this year too and reading with my books. 2 down already 😜

  16. I was an avid readeronce upon a time but slowly it faded away. Your piece of writing has definitely motivated me to start reading again!

  17. Well written post on points to consider for a reading challenge. I've signed up too and am planning to diversify my reading and try new authors and genres this time.

  18. Oh this post is motivating me to take up the reading challenge too. Sadly i csnnot invest the time now, however if I do, my choice of genre will be thriller

  19. I loved your tips.. I just feel I cant do challenges like these.. but I guess this post can be a motivation to me .. keep guiding amateur readers like us

  20. yaya, high five. I too have registered for this and going to take my reading game a notch up. I am so happy to find a place like blogchatter for all the bloggers :)

  21. This was an exhaustive list of how to read and what to read. I really feel ashamed that i have stopped reading. But now the cooking, editing, writing and reading other blogs takes up so much time that I just do not have the time to read. The book challenge is an awesome way to reconnect with reading actually.All the best to you.

  22. I loved all the reasons to read especially choose the genre you like and not because it's a bestseller.

    I am also thinking to sign up for TBRCHALLENGE


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