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The goodness of Nature in Namyaa Period care kit for Woman

In this pandemic phase, we all have witnessed that health is the utmost priority and one cannot neglect it. Everyone is going the extra mile in choosing and living a healthy lifestyle and that goes in each sector, be it the selection of food items, the products in which we are consuming food, or the air we are breathing. Every aspect is important in overall health. A woman has to go the extra mile to take care of the family and also for herself. Many times woman neglect their body signs and continue to avoid their health issues citing them as minor.

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Woman Health Care:

A woman has many tasks on her list and very well organize the schedule so that every family member receives the best of care and remain healthy. Most of the woman either neglect the care during the periods or are not aware that it is a problem. Yes, periods and talks around it are always hush-hush and often women tend to ignore their health issues. What woman can do in such situations when they don’t have any person to share such problems with? Namyaa Period Care kit comes as a solution to it .

What is Namyaa Period Care Kit:

Namyaa period care kit consists of three products that help the woman to solve most of the problems related to the periods also called menstruation. With these products most of the problems of the woman can be solved. It has 3 products

Namyaa Anartava -For Delayed and Irregular Periods
Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya- For PCOD and PCOS- Pack of 60 Tablets
Namyaa ShwetKanika -For White Discharge- Pack of 60 Tablets

These products are prepared with the goodness of nature and nature’s science that is Ayurveda. Let us see the benefits of each one of them in detail.

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Namyaa Anartava: for Delayed & Irregular periods 

Most of the woman experience the delay in the periods and eventually that turn out to be irregular periods. It also treats the absence of the period cycle even when the female reaches the age of 18 is scientifically known as Amenorrhea or Anartava. This syrup is made from ayurvedic herbs such as Krishna – Tila, Pippali, and a few more certified beneficial herbs and extracts. And it is one of the best home remedies for delayed periods.

This syrup can treat 

Hormonal imbalances
A growing tumor in pituitary gland

Namyaa ShwetKanika -For White Discharge

White discharge occurs in between the period cycle, and sometimes it is heavy and discomforting. Few take it casually and never get treated that causes irritation and further continuous white discharge leads to bad odor. White discharge may cause the following 

Eradicates cause of the smelly white discharge.
Relief from the wetness that leads to.
Promotes timely ovulation.

Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya- For PCOD and PCOS- Pack of 60 Tablets

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is the most common problem that is responsible for various issues like ovulation disorders and subfertility. Almost 70% of women face this problem which not treated properly can disrupt the proper functioning of ovaries. But the root cause of the problem can be subsided by Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya, for PCOD and PCOS. It is the best natural remedies for PCOD and PCOS.
• It's chemical free and us based on Ayurvedic healing methods.
• Formulated with ayurvedic herbs and oil extracts which assists in natural healing.
• Helps in restoring hormonal balance and aids in hosting immunity, increase fertility and also aids in blood purification.
• Improves metabolism and promote timely ovulation which aids in regular period cycles.

Source : Namyaa

Boon of Ayurveda for Woman :

A woman can now have these products after proper consultation and be stress-free from all the worries of the period be it a delayed period or problems related to it such as PCOD and PCOS. The timely monthly cycle of menstruation heals many other correlated diseases and makes the woman's body fit. The solution with Namyaa seems easy and are best for use are they are natural and works for all. Every woman needs to consider these issues and give concern to all the problems related to periods a higher priority as prolonged delay can lead to the major disease at later stages of life. The best part of all these products is that they are chemical-free and free from all kinds of pesticides and artificial fragrances.

Disclaimer: All the pointers here in the post are for awareness purposes, readers are advised to use the products after the consultation of the doctor.



  1. Through age, women come across a lot of health issues caused by hormonal changes. But women are conditioned to ignore themselves and keep others above their health. Due to this it would be late by the time several health issues are addressed. The kits you have shared is surely going to help a lot of women. The issues related to menstruation and intimate problems are still considered a taboo and women are still hesitant of speaking out about these issues. The is for sharing these products.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I feel happy to see that more and more are coming out to speak about their intimate issues.Pcod and Pcos are causing several other related health issues. Even infertility. The PCOS tablets give a lot of hope to many women out there

  3. Omg, you have no idea what helpful post you have shared right now for me. I have had this white discharge issues. I was always ashamed of speaking it out. As a solution, I was obsessed with a vaginal wash but it killed all the useful bacteria. And in turn, created other issues for me. I am going to try this ayurvedic medicine for sure

  4. Yes I agree that ayurvedic products are boon for women as they made up with natural substances and offer less or no side effects. Namyaa period kit sounds like a perfect option to deal with many mensural irregularities in women. thanks a lot dear for sharing your honest experience.

  5. This kit seems to be so well planned for each problem faced during periods. I hope it is also helpful little teenagers who have just started periods.

  6. The period care kit sounds quite an essential for women, specially because it is based on Ayurveda.

  7. I am unsure if I am going through irregular periods or menopause. Was unable to consult the doctor too due to covid situation. Namyaa kit sounds good and easy to use and beneficial too.

  8. Okay I have to tell my friend about this. She gets this monthly excruciating pain which is unbearable.

  9. PCOD cases are on a rise. The effect it has on Fertility of a woman makes ut a really important topic to discuss. This seems like a promising Product.

  10. I read somewhere about it earlier. I gifted this to my sister as she was suffering from PCOS. Irregular period is very common for her and she was searching for something Ayurvedic to try.
    I gifted this to her and got amazing results. Totally unexpected. Amazit for reducing period delay problems.. She loved it.

  11. I've taken Ayurvedic medicines for curing irregular periods and know that they're beneficial. This is a new brand for me and seems a great way to take care of period problems.

  12. I am sure this product will of great help for women who are going to these issues at certain age. Thanks for sharing and reviewing the product.. Will spread the word.

  13. Ayurvedic products work wonders in this regard. I always rely on Ayurveda. A good and informative read for all women.

  14. I think this blog post came to at the right time; even i’m facing pcod & irregular periods; im so glad to have found this kit. Sharing the post further with other ladies so that they can benefit too. Thank you

  15. Many teenagers go through many issues mentioned here. I'm sure Namyaa kit can be used for them as well as through personal experience I know that a newbie to this suffers alot. These kits will be definitely amazing as Ayurveda is so much better to use and with no side effects at all.

  16. It sounds like an well thought ayurvedic kit. Such problems are so regular with today's lifestyle.

  17. Wow seems like good products for period care especially for women who have irregular periods. My friend suffers from that and I will let her know about these.

  18. This looks like a handy kit. Helping in multiple problems like Pcod, delayed and irregular periods as well as white discharge. Ayurvedic products have no side effects too.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  19. Good to know about this product. Pcod and irregular periods are quite a common health issue and it is great that there are ayurvedic cures for the same.

  20. Many women face problems related to menstruation but because of lack of information and awareness, they hardly talk about it & rarely get it treated. I have pcos and after unsuccessful allopathy & homeopathy treatments, I have shifted to ayurvedic treatment last year and it worked well for me. I will check about this period care kit with my doctor.


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