Tuesday 29 December 2020

Story of misplaced gifts by Santa Claus

Santa Claus gift - MeenalSonal

"Add cocoa powder in the list of groceries, kids will be back for me to bake a cake today", voiced Aryan's mother from the kitchen as she shelved the utensils in the kitchen.

Aryan got up by hearing the mother's voice but rolled up on the other side of the bed thinking the winters and blankets are a stunning combination which cannot lose any duo competition. When he was about to pause all thoughts and go back to slumber, his mother handed him a cordless phone saying Rohan has called thrice till now and he has mentioned its urgency. 

With much difficulty and remembering his friendship vows he took the phone and whispered Hello…

“Hey dude, you are still on your bed, what’s wrong with you. Don’t you know what’s special today”, blurted Rohan in a gasp.

“What happened bro, did I miss any online meet of friends, I tell why you all plan it so early in the morning. Holidays are meant to take some extra care of the body and I told you all that long screen time is not good”, replied Aryan recollecting his calendar for friends to meet.

“Aryan, the friends meet is next weekend and that is at 1pm, today is Christmas didn’t you see your gift. Rohan ‘s excitement was evident in the voice, Aryan walked towards the hall and noticed a gift was lying near the tree, he silently picked it and settled again himself in the cozy blanket and adjusted the phone between his ear and neck.

Rohan was very excited to know what did Aryan received as a Christmas gift and was eagerly waiting to share his gift details.

Rohan heard a Aryan squeak, and started guessing if it was a new video game, Xbox, is it guitar, or …

“It is wireless headphones, guess Santa also heard the loud rock music till the north pole to send me headphones”; giggled Aryan.

“I got the latest Lego model, I am so excited to build it with you”, replied Rohan merrily.

“I asked for Lego too, maybe Santa got confused in the wish, where as you mentioned you wanted the latest headphones”, Aryan remembered his talk a week ago with Rohan.

Rohan exclaimed,” Is it possible that Santa exchanged our gifts” .

“Possible bro! there is so much pressure on Santa this year to bring happiness in the world, he must be confused"; said Aryan.

Rohan said decisively, "I am sure Santa might have got confused with that photo frame”.

Aryan in confused state,” Which one? Are you referring to the mask photo frame, which our mothers placed in the living room so that we never forget to wear masks when we go out for cycling?”

Rohan was assured and said “Must be, each home has that and everyone looks the same after that huge mask on the face, Santa must have surely got confused”.

Aryan smiled saying “But Santa did a great thing he gave us reasons to meet and play along”, and ended the phone call.

Christmas Humour Story - MeenalSonal


We hope you had a smile reading this story. With this post we are marking the end of the year 2020 for our blogposts. In the new year we shall come up with more stories, parenting posts, education posts, poetries that will reach your hearts and with bundle of book recommendations. Wishing you all a great eve on new year , you can check our post Aideu 2020, a Hindi poetry with all the lessons learnt in this year.





  1. Such a cute story. Lovely way to end 2020. I could see the storyteller in you in this post. I feel like reading a book. Yes, Santa must have gotten confused this year. With the latest demands from kids and on top of that having extra burden of bringing smile on each one's faces during the pandemic, ut s quite possible for him to get confused :)

  2. Such a cute story and remind me the mood of my girls on Christmas day when they were desperately waiting for their Christmas gift from Santa. Indeed festival and rituals are important part of our life that brings lots of joy and happiness in our routine lives.

  3. aww this is such a heart warming story. Santa is always special. Wishing you a happy 2021 in advance.

  4. Such a cute story it is. It has a lot of messages for children too. Santa is not just about gifts. It is also about knowing the value little things around. Wow. You said so many things

  5. Your little cute story surely brings smile on faces. It's easy to say moral stories but telling them in such a way that kids can relate is tough. You have attained that feat. Hats off

  6. Hahahaha confused Santa. Even the kids realize that it's confusing to recognise people with masks and the stress of making everyone happy... Good one.

  7. Such a cute story .Yes, Santa must have gotten confused this year. With the latest demands from kids and misplacing the gifts. This surely brings smile on our face reading this.


  8. Such a cute story. Thee way you captured the innocence of a child's conversation is charming. Looking forward to more such pieces of fiction from you

  9. Aww this is such a cute story and now I am wondering, can Santa really do that mistake :D And I really liked the idea of putting a masked photo frame as a reminder to wear a face mask. Nice story!

  10. Now that's such a cute story. I doubt if santa could have made this mistake but with so many children and gifts and such less time, santa can for once maybe make a mistake.... hahahahha....
    Loved reading this story and waiting to read more in 2021.

  11. Christmas is such a different emotion altogether and you have narrated it really well through your story.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom


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