Friday 11 December 2020

Woman Entrepreneur Ms Roshni Mukherjee : Shaping the Education World

Women and education were totally on different pages a few centuries ago but as time passed women understood the power of education and proved their mettle to the world. Women can change the world with their thoughts and actions and education is a powerful tool for them. And in today’s era, women and education are on the same page, most women now understand the importance of education and are imparting the commitment towards it. We all would agree that ‘an educated woman can shape the world better’. 


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The education sector is seeing a change in its functioning and women in this field are doing their best to impart the knowledge to the next generation. Women, who are considered the best teachers in the world are doing their fullest to give society an upliftment.  

One of the women who is doing a fabulous job in the education sector is ‘Ms. Roshni Mukherjee’.

Reason for Passion: From a full-time Job to Full-time Teacher

Roshni, who was working in an MNC was passionate about teaching from the start. To support the family she started the job, yet her passion followed her. She observed that schools that provided good quality education had higher fees which were not affordable to all and the schools with lower fees were not imparting quality education. Citing the gap Roshni Mukherjee started her YouTube channel ExamFear in 2011 still in a job. But with a hectic schedule, she was unable to manage both and increasing numbers of subscribers gave her confidence to leave her full-time job. Her YouTube channel filled the gap of tuitions too, as her videos explained each chapter in detail. 


How Online Education changed many lives:

With free access to her videos, students from every corner of the nation couldn’t thank them enough. Roshni Mukherjee YouTube channel has more than 4000 videos on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Crossing the 1 million mark she has surely touched upon lakhs of people and changed their lives. Women when deciding on a particular front can bring in a complete change to the system. Roshni Mukherjee shows us the path, that if we are dedicated towards a task then nothing is impossible.

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A daily act of Kindness with the dedication:

With an effort, she uploads an education video daily on her channel with the same thought that this video will be a guide to many students who wish to learn the subject well but either do not have quality education or time to attend school. Her videos are widely watched and many pour in their comments saying that ‘many have crossed the exam fear with ExamFear YT channel and scored brilliantly’. 

One act of kindness can change the world of a person. If we try to do a single task each day then at the end of the year, we will be summing up to 365 such tasks. Isn’t it easy to start with one task a day in the name of Kindness with dedication?


What is so special about her YT channel:

Students can relate more to her lectures as she gives examples and co-relate the subjects in such a manner that students grasp them quickly. She always goes through each comment on her YT channel and responds to all the queries, as she believes a single doubt can raise a series of doubts if not cleared on time. The usage of images and graphics in her videos are significant to all the students hence easier to learn the subjects. A dedicated woman in her work, she has built a wide audience that looks up to her lesson videos. 

Initially, she started with classes 9-12, and then she also included the syllabus of classes 6-8.

Soon videos that teach basic English will be started, as she has observed many students are unable to understand the English language. 


When a deed is done its shine cannot be wrapped for a longer time. Roshni Mukherjee was recognized on many platforms and one of the leading faces for changing education for many lives. In 2016, Roshni Mukherjee was awarded the 100-woman achievers award by the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India, and was felicitated by the honorable President at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. 

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The motto of Roshni Mukherjee:

Roshni has followed her passion and completely believes that she is living her dream of being a teacher. With 5000 videos and a growing number of subscribers, whom she calls students is extremely happy with the way education is changing its face. Her motto is “Work hard in silence, let success make all the noise.” She is also planning to translate her videos to regional languages so that more students can benefit from them.

Women Changing the World:

The inspiring story of Roshni Mukherjee teaches us that if a woman follows her passion through a small window then one day it will lead her to a giant door of success. Pursuing a passion and working towards it will surely fetch our results.

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  1. You have portrayed such an important aspect of women empowerment. Education is the best weapon to change the world.
    It was so enlightening to know about an inspiring person Roshni Mukherjee.
    It is not only the knowledge but also the way it is imparted, is equally significant.
    Ms. Roshni has the most influential method of interacting with the students. When students relate to a subject, it becomes fun learning. So glad to know about such a woman power changing the world.

  2. this is exactly what I believe in making education good quality and free for children who are looking for answers. I am sick of the international standards schooling psychology everywhere. what we really want is good culture and good education. Roshni proves that definitely doesn't need a lot of money. Its wonderful that you bring her story for this Hop. her story is reassuring that if Byju's can have imaginary kids like Wolf gupta then there is a real Roshni changing the world for real kids.

  3. Education is very important if you want to change how the world thinks. I feel very inspired by her and her YT channel . What a fantastic way to spread free education. If there is a will (to help others) you will find a way!

  4. I am so inspired by Roshni. What a fantastic way to spread education for free via her YT channel! Due to progress in technology ,deprived children can also have access to education. You do not need tons of money to do charity or help others. If you have the will (to give or help) you will find a way!

  5. Ms.Roshni Mukherjee has indeed a great example for all those who are juggling between their profession and passion, she proved where there is will there is way! Kudos to her efforts to extract the time from her busy job, for making educational YT videos to help students across the world. I am amazed to know that she is also planning to translate it into regional languages! Applauds! I will surely check and share her videos with my niece and nephews!

    Archana Srivastava

  6. The journey of Ms.Roshni is so inspiring and selfless. When education has become a way of minting money or rather I should say to convert black money to white. There are individuals like her who are bringing change in the most effective and right way. Will refer her videos to my niece .

  7. Roshni Mukherjee is a great example for all those who are juggling between profession and passion she proved where there is will there is way! Kudos to her efforts of making educational videos by extracting the time from her busy schedule, to educate the children across the world eventually she chose not only to give wings to her passion but also benefitted the young generation with the right education in the best economical way! I am really amazed to know about her planning to translate her videos into regional languages. I am surely going to check and share her videos with my niece and nephews.

    Archana Srivastava

  8. Wow...Such women are the heroines of our society and they are not even celebrated..the media keeps feeding us trash about actors and politicians but people like Roshni should be given media attention. There must be so many unsung women out there. Wish we could change things.What an amazing endeavor by her, I am so impressed.Thanks for sharing this girls

  9. Such an inspiring journey of Roshni..I believe with increasing power of digital media in last decade had given wings to dream of many women. And woman like Roshni set an example that if we have passion for something in life, we can achieve anything. Thanks a lot for sharing this motivating journey with us.

  10. Kudos Roshni for her vision, planning and desire to help kids. Translation in regional languages is a wonderful idea and it will surely help many kids who are struggling to understand the subjects due to language barrier. When passion becomes your dream, nothing is impossible.

  11. How wonderful that Roshni took that step and is now empowering lakhs of students! And even more wonderful that you have chosen to focus on her.

  12. Wow, this is such a great post. I am always inclined towards education and always think about spreading education to children and women. I enjoyed reading the story of Roshni and this is so encouraging too. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story with us. Best wishes.

  13. Wow this is awesome for those who are well versed with Hindi. Great initiative by Roshini. My kids still need to learn Hindi. It's still a foreign language to them.

  14. Wow glad I found this. Thanks for writing this dear and three cheers to Roshini for her passionate mission.🤗😊👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👏👏👏👏👏👏

  15. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful YouTube... I heard about her for the 1st time here and I am so happy that woman is creating such meaningful content inspiring people around.

  16. It was so inspiring to know about Roshni and her efforts. Loved how her channel covers all aspects needed for quality education that is giveb free access.

  17. Such woman like Roshni inspire many other. She is doing so amazing for herself with giving her best to the society.

  18. I feel very inspired by Roshni and her YT channel . She is doing amazing job by spreading free education. Thanks a lot for sharing this motivational journey

  19. Will check roshni's you tube channel, good to know that she is covering topics for class 6-8 too. You are very focused about education too. I have read your earliers blogs about how the new education policiy is and how online education is bringing a change and bridging the gap in education.
    -ujjwal Mishra mywordsmywisdom

  20. Pandemic has surely opened way to more opportunities. How wonderful of Roshni Mukherjee to share online educational videos. Will be surely helpful to many students.


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