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Steps to preserve Languages in Education System : #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

A language plays an important role that boasts about the affluent culture, rich heritage, diverse perspective, strong belief, profuse literature, extravagant music, and renounced art of a particular region. Every culture's reflection is the way we use our language. It is important to understand a regional language that generates a sense of great bonding and helps to mould completely. 

Can you imagine the World without Language?

We cannot imagine this world without any language. The medium of communication is very important to know each other and improve our perspective about other regions, and countries therefore, breaking all the social barriers. Thus, a language encases our culture and individuality.

But, it’s a sad truth that most of the languages are losing its ground as it is not practiced either in spoken or written form. When a language is lost, the expressions and values get diminished with it. It’s very important to preserve our language and to emphasize its importance our new education policy is encouraging the use of regional languages in the school curriculum.

Why Language is not learned well

Language can be learned well only when it is practiced well, both spoken and written and for this, we need language experts/teachers. The scarcity of language teachers is huge though measures have been taken to do the best in this scenario.

The present system has teachers that concentrate on the established way of language learning that does not build a deep connection with the learners/students. 

The language is not promoted beyond the literary boundaries and not practiced well, so the effect of learning the language is lost.

How Language learning can be made effective:

By appointing language experts to teach the learners, so that later understand the nit and grit of the language easily.

The studying material and the vocabulary building needs to be updated on regular basis to include the new inclusion of the language.

By updating the official structures of the language and circulating the print and digital prints of the language with high-quality vocabulary in the text-books, magazines, and readers is a top priority.

Building a strong base for Language in NEP 2020

The initiative must begin at the primary level and shall continue through higher education; this will expose students to Indian languages to a larger extent. 

Hiring the local language expert as a trainer will giving learners adequate expertise.

An academic 4-year degree course will be launched in Translation and Interpretation and is suggested to be given high priority in the plan.

Scholarships will be presented to all students of all ages who promote the Indian languages with /or local courses.

Every school and institution will aim to have a department dedicated to the languages.

Such a program will give an employment opportunity to language experts and will make sure language is effectively taught to the students.

The need for the Indian Institute of Translation & Interpretation (IITI)

India is a place where the multi-lingual person is easily found, and that allows being a translator and educator.

Expanding translation and interpretation of Indian languages and foreign languages with an excellent quality learning material for written and spoken language.

This institute will employ various multi-lingual language experts in the translation and interpretation sector that will in-turn promote Indian languages.

This institution can further progressively grow in other locations, with the number of qualified candidates rising.

Similarly, India will expand its institutions to promote classical languages and literature and will focus on the study of numerous manuscripts that have not got enough attention.

Special devotion will be given to classical languages departments such as Sanskrit with an effort to gives adequate training to the students so that they can co-relate the number of manuscripts and understand their interrelations with other subjects.

A National Institute for Pali, Persian & Prakrit will also be set up within campus in the future.

With all these initiatives, we can be assured that languages will be getting their due credit and will be preserved for the future generation. Research for all these works will be appreciated and supported by the education department. So next time when you speak in a language lesser known to the people be sure that you are one of the ambassadors for the language and promote languages by speaking to children and to the group of people who understand the same.

This post is a part of series #EducationForAll on our blog and it is a part of #CauseAChatter campaign of Blogchatter. We have discussed various aspects of Education and each post focuses how Education is for all. 


  1. Languages are literally the lifeline of communication, these are some amazing steps that will promote out National language

  2. I am a huge supporter of promoting regional languages and this is the call of the day.
    With this initiative, languages will surely be getting their due worth and will be hugely beneficial for the future generation.

  3. This is very interesting! Going to google this to know more.

  4. I really like this idea about reviving lost languages.Some great information

  5. Good to know that new education policy is including ways to revive languages. Informative post.

  6. Manisha - I agree with you that we need to take concrete steps to preserve languages from getting lost in the pages of history. Your post is really through provoking.

  7. Yes agree that with changing time many languages are losing their identity and new generation might not get a chance to know how rich was our ancient history and traditions in terms of languages. I really like all your suggestions in preservence of languages.

  8. Languages are one of the critical way of communication today with evolving way of life even this needs to be updated. Preserving languages like Pali, Persian and prakrit I strongly upon.

  9. I can't imagine the world without Languages in my dreams. Today life is impossible without communication. I like all your suggestions. Thanks for sharing

  10. I believe the more language a person learns the better.... I am personally looking at teaching my kids regional and foreign languages.

  11. India that so many more languages pre independence. Even now regional languages like Pali are ignored in education system. Your post is very informative.

    - Ujjwal Mishra

  12. Totally agree with the fact that we should preserve languages and the measures that you have mentioned are quite good. India as a country has so many dialects which we tend to lose as the years pass by.

  13. Even though I'm only good with English. Not perfect. Just good. I still make sure my kids learn more languages and take an interest in learning any new language every year.

  14. I had Sanskrit in primary school... And i am proud of it! We do need to preserve our languages!

  15. I somewhat agree with most of the pointers because everyone pressurises on subjects like maths, history but they don't realise that languages are as important as other subjects.

  16. I can't agree more. I learned italian when I lived in Sicily for 4 months. I was so fluent and now I can speak it but I don't habe fluency, same with Marathi and punjabi language. Yes not only language but it is similar for every subject.

  17. Truly said language plays an important role in our lives and can be mastered with regular practice

  18. I totally agree with tour post. We should always support local language
    As of many countries are there that do not accept things apart from their local language which o totally admire. This is the way of preserving the roots.

  19. Absolutely we all should put our efforts to preserve the languages. It can be mastered with regular practice

  20. Yes we should support local languages. If u see Europe or even southern part of our country, they don’t accept other languages easily.
    Well written post.

  21. Language is very important for the communication. English is not my mother tongue but I am trying to learn and build command on English language

  22. I work everyday with one motive to help make education for children and adult more empathetic. But never I thought language would be an integral part of it. Certainly here after I will be concentrating on promoting language hereafter

  23. Language is very necessary in our lives and
    can be mastered with regular practice. Great thoughts.

  24. Languages are basis of communication and nothing in this world is possible without communication. I am encouraging my son to learn multiple languages.


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