Friday 18 December 2020

Lessons learnt in the year 2020 : साल 2020 की सीख

Year 2020 was the year of learnings, some of which were lost in the hush hush of life's race and a few were just ignored in our own bliss of comfort. This year will hold a special place in each ones life and so do ours. 

Year 2020 has filled our hearts with immense emotions and must say a varied thoughts too, we have penned our thoughts in the poetic form that shares the lessons learnt and importance of them.

Aideu 2020 Poem - MeenalSonal

इस साल की शुरुवात भी हर साल  की तरह थी ,

नई  उमंगो से भरी कई बातें थी | 

पर धीरे-धीरे थमी घड़ी की टिक टिक ,

ना कही जाने की जल्दी ना किसी के आने की दस्तक | 

यह साल भागते कदमों को थमना सीखा गया ,

ज़िन्दगी की भाग दौड़ में ज़िन्दगी जीना सीखा गया | 

अचानक आबों हवा में महकी सुगंध ,

चहकी गौरिय्या जैसे सच हो गया उसका स्वप्न | 

जमीन से आसमां तक खिल उठा धरती का हर कण, 

जैसे लौटा दिया हो किसी ने वो पुराने अनमोल दिन | 

यह साल सबको प्रकृति के समीप ले गया ,

जीवन की सादगी की ओर आकर्षित कर गया |  

कमाल है! यह अनदेखा, अनोखा सा जीव,

सबके खोये मन को कर दिया संजीव | 

अमूल्य बातें जो धुमील सी हो गयी थी ,

सजा दिया उनको मन में बहुत बखूभी | 

यह साल कुछ ख़ास बात सीखा गया ,

सबसे दूर होकर पास होने का एहसास दे गया  |  

घंघोर उलझनों में जब डूबा मन हर क्षण ,

केवल आशाओं की ओर खोजता एक किरण | 

व्यर्थ न चला मानव बदलाव के पथ पर ,

नियति का बड़ा हस्तक्षेप जीवनी के रथ पर | 

यह साल बदलाव की लहर में जीना सीखा गया,

भीषण अँधेरे में उम्मीद में जीना सीखा गया | 

Lessons 2020 - meenalSonal

We all will remember this year 2020 for more things and we can gather all the experiences from it and walk towards new year with a zeal and hope in our eyes. 

This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.’ with the theme Aideu 2020.


  1. Very well written poem. 2020 is the year of reflection and immense amount of learnings. This year has definitely taught us to be patient.

  2. Manisha - This year really made many realize that how much nature has suffered in the years gone by and it can heal we still bring things under control. And yes we were distant but it did bring us more closer to our families and friends.

  3. Yes despite being a stressful year 2020 had taught us many valuable life lessons. Specially being optimistic despite having adverse situations. Really love the poem. So beautifully you had expressed it.

  4. Lovely poem. 2020 is indeed a year to be grateful, learn, reflect, and surely respect nature and our surroundings.

  5. Lovely written poem. It has definitely been a year of learnings and lessons. Respecting nature and maintaining a green Earth.

  6. Beautiful lines representing all that we felt throughout the year. Hope for a better future.

  7. Beautiful lines depicting the truth of 2020. Hoping for a better future!

  8. What a fantastic poem penned directly from heart. 2020 has left a mark on all of us

  9. Each of us had different takeaways from this year and yours is so wise and beautiful. Wishing you a fabulous 2021.

  10. Very correctly said that this year has taught us to face the worst conditions with strength and family support. We know our limitations and the fact that any situation can be faced when fought with courage and positivity

  11. So beautifully you have penned down the emotions and feelings of the year 2020. Bahut sundar shabdo main likha hai aapne

  12. Beautifully penned poem! Indeed, year has been difficult, but all of us have come out as winners in our own ways.

  13. lovely poem. beautifully penned and captures the tumultuous year very nicely.


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