Tuesday 11 February 2014

A Companion - Our heart connects with

We come across many people in life in the form of friends, mentor, cousins, work mates, colleague etc., few remain in heart, few in contact list of phone and few are the ones whose memories fade away with time. Only a few occupies a special place in our heart no matter where and what we are. And such special ones are Companions of our life.

Actually, compatriot holds an important place and have a lasting influence on our life; everyone needs a companion at every age and at every step of life. When we are young our parents are our companion teaching us the values of life, as we grow up we meet different people make some good friends who are always there for us, our mentors who give our life a direction and add a meaning to it, a life partner with whom we want to spent our rest of our life with and people at our work place with whom we enjoy doing our work.

We always cherish for a true companion in our life who amalgamate with us well , have the same wavelength of feelings, complement each other and share the same interest. It is well said that in life's journey, one always needs someone or the other at some point who cares for us and understands us well.

A true companion for me is the one who is connected with me always in all phases of my life, whether I am happy or sad, rich or poor, strong or weak. And listens when lonely, share everything and always try to give without awaiting anything in return, gives complete support, guides us in the right direction ,think about each other when are apart and always welcomes with warmth at any moment of time in need. Such emotions are incomparable and pure. And it is well said by Agnes Ripplier that “We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh”.

Distances are no more a barrier to maintain a relationship; while in some cases it makes the bond stronger. In this digital world where one can ping anytime and can have video chat, one can be connected always from any part of the world. Unbound love, respect for each othe’rs feelings and honesty never fades away with distances. But meeting your companion frequently makes you feel energized and gives a boost to your life.

Understanding the depth and value of any relation requires patience and broad minded attitude. Patience nurtures the relationship, where misunderstandings have no role to play. Forgiving nature, give and take attitude, no jealous feelings and feeling happy on each other’s success is the real key to move any kind of relationship ahead. Some relations grows stronger with time, we only realize their importance when we become mature enough to feel them.

A companion is a valuable gift, who are hard to find and lucky to have. Without them our life would become monotonous and boring. Never in life loose trust on a true companion, because once the bond of faith weakens it becomes difficult to maintain it. Have some patience and give the other some time to explain the situation. As very excellently notated by Saint Augustine, "Patience is the companion of the wisdom".

Companions are soul to life, there is so many facets to focus on, so look forward for more on this topic in coming post.

"Soul – mates are people who bring out the best in you."- Anonymous

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