Friday 31 January 2014

Spur Of The Moment

Moments hold multitude of synonyms like
teach us lessons,
filled with emotions,
are short lived,
gives internal strength,
holds a lot of prominence in our life.

Moments are  junctures of life, which lead us to an unimaginable world. Our life is filled with such countless moments, and few are really close to our heart and their memories can't be erased. Some moments are planned and a few we create for our loved ones to mark their special days.

Moments  fill our life with great surprises, which we have not imagined at all. Like a lucky moment of this sort, assume that  you are standing in an electronic showroom admiring its advanced features of a new launched television. You dream t of having one at home, but couldn't purchase it because of its exuberant price. Now imagine there is a lucky draw in that showroom and you have also registered for it.  Suddenly when the results are out you realize that you have won the lucky draw and would receive the same television you wished as a gift. Imagine how exiting it will be. That spur of the moment would be amazing.

And some moments are magical and only when it is passes away we realize its importance, that how it gives a chance to prove ourselves. I remember in my school days, I wanted to be a part of the play, for the annual meet of our school. But was unable to give best at the auditions and was not selected for the play. And only an hour before the beginning of the event the student who was suppose to perform could not turn up to school and I was selected to play the role I desired. Though happy I was little scared and prayed that all things went well. To my surprise I was applauded for my performance. That was my spur of the moment.

Choices made at the spur of the moment hold a lot of significance. Such spontaneous moments in life is what surprises us, gives us a new beginning and teaches a practical approach towards life. The magical bliss which is created by such moments are beyond our imagination and we don't want to let them pass by.

Many times such moments make us feel at top of the world; and at some point in life we are bound to take prompt decisions. Like, we get to choose among certain things,and if such decision turns out to be our best selection ever which was taken without giving much thought holds its own importance . Decisions taken at the spur of the moment are appreciated.

Though few spur of the moments result in unwanted results but this is how life is; it keeps on testing us by putting forth us a lot of hurdles, the way we react to the particular situation makes the difference.

Finally, one should not forget that our present is the only moment which we can live in and try to enjoy every bit of it and make it the best moment ever.

"Best moments happen when they are Spontaneous, Prompt, Unplanned and are Remembered forever."

“Each one of us requires the spur of insecurity to force us to do our best.” - Harold W. Dodds

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  1. Nice one di....keep posting. ..looking forward for more....

  2. I really liked how you described SPUR of the moment... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna, it means a lot such words coming from you :))


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