Saturday 11 January 2014

Parents - Architects Of Our Life

Whom we adore, idolize, acknowledge our upbringing, achievements, and knowledge are none other than our beloved parents. They are precious.

From the day we are born our parents are always there to look after us. We are nurtured by our parents with utmost love and tenderness. They take utmost care with total devotion and make sure that their children are not devoid of any comforts. Our cheerful faces fill their heart with immense happiness. Their selfless love and faith is what we always cherish for.

Our parents don many kinds of roles for us. At times they act like kids, running every hook and corner for getting things done, like a friend with whom we like to share, a teacher for making us a good citizen. They mold our life and adds a meaning to it.

Parent and child learning is a two way process. Some times a parent tend to learn many things from a child. The latest trends and aspects are introduced to them through their young ones. The younger generation teach them the use of new technologies and gadgets to make their life more comfortable.

A child imitates its parents. We always observe and try to tackle with situations like our elders did. Their past experiences prevent us from repeating the same mistakes and acts as a shield against all odds. We always remember the moral stories told by our grandmothers, Those stories imbibed in us give us knowledge and to deal with various kinds of scenario in life with great fortitude. The values taught are passed on to next generations too.

Our parents protect us from worst circumstances. We feel safe under their guidance. They help us in selecting a righteous path and teaches us to assess what is apt for us. They always motivate and strengthen us by their blessings and support. No matter how old we become, we never forget the values taught to us and we always try to follow them.

                             P - Patience 
                             A - Able
                             R - Respect
                             E - Emotion
                             N - Noteworthy
                             T - Trust

Parents act as the foundation of our character. A child in a society is known through its parents. They teach us to be patient and act right. Their belief in us makes us able and assist us in dealing with any kind of barriers in life. Their guidance refrain us from falling prey to many odds in life. Parents inculcate in us the importance of love and respect for each one in society. Their selfless efforts makes us a noteworthy citizen with lot of emotions and care for everyone around. Their trust and confidence in us and motivate us to keep going in life and achieve our dreams.

What we are today, is because of our parents undoubted trust and love. It is therefore, our duty to give our parents the same care and attention which will be very meager when compared to their endless efforts.

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents. - Jane D. Hull 
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  1. Yes I totally agree with you. Parents are the center of our lives.


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