Wednesday 15 January 2014

Is Life always picture perfect?

In our life we have clicked several pictures on various occasions; time flies very quickly when you are looking at albums or a slideshow of your pictures, they take you back in the memory lane and many times we get lost in them. We cherish those pictures a lot.

Best of the best pictures are framed which are in fact gentle reminder of our happy times; many people frame pictures of their achievement and hard work; that reminds them that they have the capabilities to come over the tough times.

And the ones which you dislike are deleted from your picture gallery or the hard copies are buried under old books. Yes we would always want our best memories to be placed in front of us.

When all is going according to our wish life seems to be picture perfect. And you want the time to just freeze and wish nothing changes. It is like picture perfect moment of life.

But to any person life always cannot be path full of rose petals, thorns are part of the path too, and this lesson needs to be imbibed in our children. We elders need to convey kids that though struggle makes the journey difficult but at the end you achieve the result. For example it’s like unless your hands are messed up in colors your painting isn’t beautiful.

Also recently, my child and I had attended a birthday celebration of my child’s friend, where puppet show was a part of it. In the puppet show story, lion befriends various animals and eats them in the end.

One concerned mother raised doubts about the story, saying that children at the tender age of 5 are being faced with the unkind side of world. I assured her, that children are in so enjoyment mood that they would not focus on unfaithful behavior of lion in friendship. And moreover children sooner or later have to be introduced to numerous faces of life too. This episode made me think what would be right age to know all the facts of life; as life cannot be like sailing in Silent Ocean, we have to even face storms.

Parents, mentors build a fine looking environment for children in initial years of life where everything is perfect. They are taught to be loyal to friends, respect elders, share things, do good avoid bad and so on.

However one needs to be realistic, life isn’t a fairytale, in which every time a savior comes to your rescue; you yourself need to act in situations too. Children are required to be taught the same lesson by different examples and through various stories; as they totally get engrossed in the stories so this can be the best method for them.

Whereas grownups can be given live examples, to motivate them to walk towards the road of life with ups and down. Lows in life also teaches person patience, hardship, sincerity.

Finally I would say that person gains knowledge about numerous facts but it all depends on which values are given importance (good or bad). And experiences with persons, facing different scenarios makes one mature person. That’s why there are times “when experience had an upper hand than age”.

“Even pleasures are painful because they are short-lived” –Gautam Buddha



  1. After reading this I must say that u have become a good listener and a good life we have many ups and downs ...I must appreciate that u have chosen such a nice title...good thinking and keep on doing like this.

  2. Reading the title i thought its going to raise the issue of how to deal with past bad or good experiences...though the text suddenly starts dealing with how to frame a life pic in front of chidren

  3. few are frozen which are not required to take a pic. which are stored in memories.after reading it , i went back to check all the pic's .thanks for your thought:-)


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