Tuesday 25 November 2014

Past Attachments

“Why do you always stop here” questioned Varun.

“I feel magic in this place, may be my past is calling me here to complete some unfinished work”Harsha answered, gazing at old shut garage.
Source - Friday Fictioners
“Is it? Calling from last birth; I don’t believe in such things” irritated Varun winked and gave vocational courses entrance form to him.
Snowstorm by Maurice de Vlaminck
Harsha promptly selected spare part handling course, “Yes, this is my destination; no job is small, if done professionally”.

Sometimes we don’t need a plan to execute things they just happen, thought Varun shaking hands with Harsha, the largest spare part dealer.

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  1. Nice story with past calling. Last line has a message.
    Was looking for the Snowstorm connection :)

    1. Anita, as Snowstorm leaves things disturbed, past intuitions also keeps us on edge every now and then.
      Thanks for pondering over story :)


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