Friday 21 November 2014

Monstrous Hunger

What an irony of life,
Work or else stomach goes on strike.

How a child can study,
When hunger makes things fizzy.

If hunger is eradicated in school,
Then we shall have efficient student’s pool.

Attendance then shall be full,
And no one shall remain dull.

All concentration will be on future,
And no worries for diet structure.

If we continue to do our bit,
Then hunger will loose from wit.

Offering helping hand is our duty,
Rest shall be taken care by Almighty.

Blogadda & Akshaya Patra came long way,
To keep the classroom hunger away. 

Let writing do it’s magic,
Leaving behind numbers and logic.

This post is not for contest,
Nor to be first or highest.

It’s just a good deed,
Where a child gets feed.

If one post can feed a child,
Then let’s write to make hunger mild.

Maximum posts can be number five,
By doing it, let’s do high five.

Then no tiny hands shall ever wander,
Once we eliminate classroom hunger.

I wish to see a healthy world,
No teary eye and restless soul.

Why not each day in life,
Make a child smile and glide.

Little footsteps have lot of dreams,
So why not assemble every gleam.

When this strive for hunger end,
Threatening worries will surely bend.

 If we all together strive for change,
Hunger's address has to change.

Monstrous Hunger shall get a defeat,
And it will be a wonderful treat.

This poem is part of noble initiative from Blogadda and Akshaya Patra to feed a child against each post published under this theme. I request all the bloggers to make a difference in child’s life by at least writing a single post. If writing can bring change then lets be part of the change. Let we all together defeat this monstrous hunger from many lives.

All you need to do is pen down your thoughts on theme BlogToFeedAChild, with minimum 300 words and link with Blogadda. I am sure many have done it and others shall soon do it to make the difference.

AuraOfThoughts also submitted a fiction story Difficult Decision on same theme. View it here Fiction - Difficult Decision.

This post is dedicated for Blogadda intiative to feed a child through a post and I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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