Tuesday, 2 December 2014

En Route to Dream

We are very glad to share with you all that we have reached a mile stone of 100 posts. The main motive behind starting this blog was to spread aura of positivity; and through our writing we are taking one step forward each time and giving our best. We hope to move ahead with lot more essence and optimistic approach.

Here is poem expresses en route towards dream. Sedoka (a non rhyming six line poem of 5/7/7/ 5/7/7  syllables)  - Japanese form of poetry. 
Walking the long way 
Leads to our dream house in woods
In midst of stunning nature

I call you here
En route to join fantasy
To make dream reality



  1. Dream reality. Interesting combination. As most often reality is far from what we dream.
    You know the saying about making plans... "Make plans and the gods laugh" - something like that (it has various translations).

    Thanks for stopping by my WP post for this prompt. I have B for ease of posting comments. ~Jules
    Bowling can be fun. But I do remember when you had to keep your own score. Kind of like Golf, where you needed to be honest. The machines do so much for us these days. Having a home in nature sounds lovely.

    1. Thank you Jules for visiting the blog. Yes in such express life house in nature is dream :)

  2. love the oxymoron dream reality ... a lovely and positive 100th post and sedoka .. thanks so much for participating with us!

  3. What can be better when fantasy turns to reality :-)

  4. Happy 100. Keep the positive going

  5. So lovely! And congrats on your milestone =)

  6. Lovely words.
    Love the last two lines!
    Congrats for your Century :)
    Wish you many milestones ahead, MeenalSonal :)

    1. Thank you Anita for your continuous support and patting with your kind words. :)

  7. congrats for completing 100 posts and spreading positivity.


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