Monday 15 December 2014

Let's Trend in SAFETY

The well-known saying “Charity begins at home” holds eternal truth, so as “Safety begins with me”.  Expecting safety on road from others shall only come in action when you yourself are giving and ensuring safety of self and others. Nobody wants an end of his or her journey in midway; who would like to call death on its own? Then why there is irresponsible behavior on the road. A single stupid stunt can end bright future of self and can tarnish dreams forever.

If one analyzes the accident situation, the main culprit according to me is hurriednessIf one starts in a hurry, then steps are more likely to happen

1.   Would like to save time in travelling, consequently
2.   Allocating time to other tasks, such as texting, talking, eating, drinking while driving, thus
3.   Diverting mind from driving, this leads one to
4.   Become impatient and ignores traffic rules, therefore
5.   Creating a scenario perfect for an accident

And when accident happens victim looses life or scars of accident remains for life, it is really disheartening that usually the innocent has to lose their lives on the consequence of other rash drivers. A full stop in life could be a full stop to lot many people dependent on the sufferer. Terri Guillemets very aptly quoted that “Carelessness doesn't bounce; it shatters.” If one follows few simple measures then mishaps and loss could be prevented, here are few important ones according to me

ü Following Traffic rules:  This is first and foremost step need to be adhered by all.
ü Being Vigilant: You may be following all traffic rules, but also need to be attentive with other’s way of driving too. By keeping a foreseen approach many mishaps can be avoided.
ü Educating fellow passengers importance of safety: This is vital as safety of co passengers lies in hands of drivers.
ü Avoid inappropriate short cuts: By taking sudden cuts, you may surprise other drivers leading to sudden change in speed.
ü Stop blame game on roads: If one drives harshly, then you need not showcase your vehicle’s ability by taking over. Be sensible when driving. One does not become Narayan Karthiekan or Michael Schumacher on the way to work or home.
ü More Facilities for Pedestrians: It is a nightmare for the elderly people to cross the road due to this most people in our country just leave stepping out. The drivers should give priority to the pedestrians by stopping their vehicles, helping them reaching the other end without any fear.
ü All the foot over bridges should be incorporated with escalators rather than steps to ease out using them instead of searching for alternate ways.
ü Use of Functional vehicles: Don’t use ill functioned vehicles, as it can put your self in danger and others with improper functionality of it.

These pointers are known, but few reminders are essential now and then. Nissan India has similar approach towards safety, which says safety begins with self. The Nissan safety Forum (NSDF), a nationwide  road safety campaign educates about road safety brings awareness on it, with a concept of 'Safety begins with me'. To know more on Nissan Safety, please visit The Nissan Safety Forum
Aura-of-thoughts-Let's Trend In Safety
Wear safety as an attitude
The time has come to trend in safety and respect our fellow travelers on road. Care for self and others, as each life is precious and present to complete a task in the world. Wear your helmets and seat belts as you wear your attitude. A common sense could do wonders, for which Eleanor Everet beautifully penned,  “For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.”

Lastly I wish that our real life would also be like a racing cars game, which we often play on our electronic gadgets; where one has a chance to revive back to normal life.

Accidents, and particularly street and highway accidents, do not happen - they are caused. - Ernest Greenwood



  1. If only more people would be more safety conscious and diligent there would probably be fewer accidents and tragedies resulting from them.

  2. Yes Kathy, people often feel gearing up for safety rules is for others, but mostly forget that they are the one who are going to be benefited with that.


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