Saturday 13 December 2014

Rise above FEAR

Parents walk with their child in every path of life, teaching those lessons of life. Even I am blessed and was nurtured under their guidance, but was amused when they told me that sometimes I even have to walk alone. It was surprise for me, as I was habituated of a company in every task I performed. This was a lesson taught by my parents, a way ago in mid level school, and I took it as theoretical and never thought that same could go practical in future.

It was after my high school I was supposed to travel in bus all alone for my further education. There was a fear of travelling alone, and my parents understood my anxiety. Wiping the tickling tears off my cheeks they composed me saying that, “sometimes a person has to explore the path on it’s own to reach their goals, it is tough for us too but it is necessary for your future”. It was hard for me to imagine going to a place unaccompanied.  How badly I wished to be accompanied with either my friends or my siblings; but had to face my fear on my own.

I was afraid of
Ø getting lost,
Ø landing in unknown place,
Ø behavior of fellow passengers towards me,
Ø sleeping over during journey and reaching a bus depot.

It may sound funny but that was what I feared the most. Expressing the same to my parents I got few tips to overcome it, and I noted down in my brain by heart. Today I would like to share with you all the tips which helped me to rise above my fear;
ü Try once before giving up.
ü Be confident.
ü Be vigilant.
ü Plan your journey and mode of transport way early.
ü Talk to authorized personnel, when in doubt.
Rise above FEAR
These tips surely helped me overcoming my fear of travelling alone to my college. There on I travelled alone without any hesitation, thanks to my parents for building self-confidence in me that I carry till date. Self Confidence surely boost one to take such brave steps and eliminate fears forever. If once you have risen over fear then you never consider it as a fear again. Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom. is marvelously penned by Marilyn Ferguson.

One could fear of strange things, for some it may be a routine while for other’s it’s a bet of life. MoutainDew drink also gives boost to overcome fear. Moutain Dew’s ‘Rise above fear’, gives you an opportunity to face your fear and help you to eliminate the same. Ralph Waldo Emerson very aptly quoted Always do what you are afraid to do.” Check out MountainDewIndia page at facebook

This video will surely make you leave any fear behind and be brave to overcome it.

After watching this video, which fear was the one you thought of? If still you are afraid of something then give a chance to eradicate it forever, I am sure you will feel much lighter. Finally I would end this post with a wonderful inspirational quote stating,

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed." - Theodore Roosevelt

This post is a part of Mountain Dew India, for #RiseAboveFear in association Indiblogger.


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