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Book Review - Unbroken by Indrani Mukerjea

If you believe in karma, then there is no place for fear, is what Indrani puts across in her book "Unbroken."

Book Review - Unbroken by Indrani Mukerjea

She was torn, betrayed, and accused but stood their firm, "Unbroken." The book Unbroken, The Untold Story by Indrani Mukerjea is about her journey, narrated in her own words.

Unbroken speaks about the life of Indrani Mukerjea, who was accused of murdering her daughter, Sheena Bora. This high-profile case has been buzzing the news channels for quite some time now. The book reflects some bitter truths about Indrani's high-profile life and how she stood unbroken throughout her troubled journey.

The cover: 

The cover portrays the intense face of Indrani, which puts across the message of the title "Unbroken."

The transformation from Pari to Indrani:

The book is divided into chapters showcasing every aspect of her life, from childhood to life in prison and beyond. Lovingly called Pari by her parents and her much dearer nanny, she always missed her love and attention. She longed to sit along and share loving words with them. But one fine day, a heinous act by her father transforms Pari into a fierce and unbroken Indrani. 

  • The book is the true story of Indrani, narrated by her in a purely honest way. She speaks about her troubled marriages, betrayal by her dear ones, embracing motherhood at a very tender age of 16, and her 2460 days spent in Byculla jail as a prisoner.
  • She was good at academics and an ambitious individual, but she never let her troubles shadow her dreams.
  • In the book, she speaks about how she was judged by her children, parents, and people close to her. 
  • The book is divided into ten parts, 30 chapters alternating past and present life of Indrani. The strong narration style makes this book touch the vibes of the reader. 
  • According to the book, after spending more than ten years in jail, she was released because one of her friends spotted Sheena Bora alive. 

The life of Indrani is a tumultuous ride with ups and downs and no proper support from anyone she relied on. A conspiracy of the murder of her daughter, Sheena Bora, lands her in jail. 

Indrani Mukerjea throws light upon the prisoner's life and how she experienced strength when female inmates stood as a pillar of emotional support in the jail.

The book starts with an inspiring Hindi verse. I want to mention one of my favorite lines:

सूरज जैसा बनना है तो, सूरज जितना जलना होगा।

कर्म में अगर सच्चाई है तो, कर्म कहां निष्फल होगा।

बस कर्म तुम्हारा कल होगा।

Final thought:

The book can be called an autobiography of Indrani Mukerjea. It's breathtaking and brutal to know how horrific an innocent child's life can be when betrayed by those she trusted the most. Though few facts about the Sheena Bora conspiracy were purposely hidden due to legal terms and conditions, the author has given a fair idea of the case.

Sometimes, the absolute truth is left hidden under layers of conspiracies and judgmental thoughts; through this book, she managed to tear it apart layer by layer to prove her innocence. 

One can read the book to find hidden facets surrounding the media baron Indrani Mukerjea.

About the Author:

Indrani Mukerjea is an accomplished Indian-born British media baron. From founding INX Services Private Limited in Kolkata to co-founding and leading INX Media in Mumbai, Indrani's entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional achievements propelled her to heights.

As the regional director for the Asia Pacific region at IMD International Search Group, she garnered recognition for her expertise and leadership abilities. The Wall Street Journal acknowledged her remarkable contributions by including her in their prestigious '50 Women to Watch' list.

Mukerjea has also embraced philanthropy and is actively improving the lives of inmates in undertrial prisons. She has become a beacon of hope for prison inmates, working tirelessly to provide them with easy access to legal aid and teaching them their rights. Her commitment to promoting fairness, justice, and rehabilitation within the prison system is unwavering, as she strives to break down social and legal barriers faced by incarcerated individuals. She can be found at @indranimukerjea on Instagram.

Book Details:

Book Title: Unbroken, The Untold Story

Author: Indrani Mukerjea

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Genre: Non-Fiction / Autobiography

No. 0f pages: 381

Price: INR 599.00

My rating: 4/5

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  1. Indrani Mukherjea is of course well known for being associated with one of the most sensational murders of our times. The book seems to be interesting and giving her version of the events that transpired.

  2. Been hearing a lot of good reviews on this book, I loved your detailed review. I will look to read this sooner

  3. The opining lines of the book are indeed inspiring. Indrani Mukerjea's book has opened to mixed reviews but in all cases, she comes across as a woman who is not ashamed of her ambition and believes that she deserves to be happy despite the events in her life.


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