Wednesday 4 October 2023

Publish your Hindi Articles for Free - A platform to publish your own Hindi work. 

Do you read Hindi articles and poetry and are in awe of the words and the thoughts that make you feel nostalgic?

Does Hindi strike a chord directly in your heart?

Do you write in Hindi and need to learn how to bring your writing to a broader audience?

Publish your Hindi Articles at - Vicharon Ka Manch

Vicharon ka Manch at is a humble initiative to promote the Hindi language with an aim to provide a platform for all Hindi writers and those who want to love reading in Hindi. 

Publish your Hindi articles for free at - vicharon ka manch

Why we are doing this:

Hindi is dear to all, but sometimes people need more writing time. 

This platform will motivate non-writers to share their thoughts, stories and life lessons with us. 

Through this exercise you will regain the enthusiasm and will also motivate others to understand the beauty of the Hindi language.

Who can send us entries:

If you also love pouring your thoughts in Hindi, you can be part of Vicharon ka Manch -

There are no age criteria for this platform. (If you are below 18 years old, the consent of a parent/guardian is required.)

You can send us multiple entries. 

The content can be in the form of Poems, Short Stories, or Essays. 

How you can be part of it:

By a simply connecting us through our email

Email us, and we shall publish your work on our website. 

And because it's your own creation, the content will only be published under your name. You will enjoy the sole authority of your work.

What we would be requiring:

1. Your Hindi Work (Poem/Short Story/Essay)

2. Your high-definition profile picture (size: 200 x 200)

3. Your bio in just 100 words.

Give your Hindi write-ups a dedicated place that values Hindi writing. Do not hesitate to send us entries; we provide feedback on your writing for improvement.

Read the first entry of the 'Vicharon Ka Manch' initiative here.

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