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Book Review: Sorcery of the Senses by Tanima Das

The five sense organs of our body constantly guide us throughout our life for a purpose that sometimes we fail to understand. The book Sorcery Of The Senses by Tanima Das uniquely portrays this ideology. 

Book Cover: 

The cover is simple, highlighting the title at the center. The backdrop shows the caricature of a lady with a bow and an arrow.

The Plot: 

The story starts with the introduction of the central character, Dhruv, who is juggling to settle things in his not-so-good married life with Juthika. He keeps visiting his parents house in Raukipur in search of peace that would at least revive his last bit of will to live. 

The parental house brings more surprises than he ever thought of. He opens an old trunk in the store room, thinking that his childhood belongings would bring him some solace. He meets Drishti, the sense of vision, and Sparsha, the sense of touch. They took Dhruv in his past life when he was a woman with supervision and the miraculous healing power of a touch, respectively.

Both senses explain to him that he is here to fulfill a mission left unsolved in his past lives. Will Dhruv listen to his feelings, or will his senses betray him in the present life, too? It is worth the read. 

Things that my senses loved:

The book Sorcery Of the Senses by Tanima Das is divided into eight chapters. The author takes the readers on a ride in the past era with her deep writing dexterities.

The intense prologue of the book, written in crisp sentences, compels you to ponder and understand the story and instantly connects with the book.

The author explains how each of the senses has evil counterparts and how important it is to listen to the right one. She also focuses on the sixth sense, the most potent of all. 

The backstories of the central character, Dhruv, are marvelous. The imaginary worlds of Nakeisea and Kai Tran are so vivid and outstanding.

The perfect narration style kept me glued to the book, and the whole scene of the jungle, the tribes, and their lifestyle was moving in my mind as though I was watching a movie.

The choice of names the author has chosen for her characters is simply outstanding and unique. Ghriz, Bhmana, Iphirzhna, Jhluk, and Mong are a few to mention. 

The pain that Juthika, Dhruv's wife, had to endure after marriage in her in-laws' place is heart-wrenching. The author very sensitively speaks about the sensitive topics of unfaithfulness and domestic imbalances. 

The author has put forth a strong message that the world is governed by the noble senses and why one should keep the evil ones at bay to exist on earth. The story touches the hindu mythology aspect of rebirth.

Final thought:

The author, Tanima Das, has brought a unique concept that has echoed in my mind for a long time—an effusive roller coaster ride of ups and downs, betrayal, love, enmity, and power.

Excellent narration, precise characterization, and the thought behind are conveyed very well through the story. If you believe in the guiding power of the five senses, this book is undoubtedly for you. 

About The Author: Tanima Das

Tanima Das is an author from Kolkata who won the prestigious Write India contest and was appreciated for her short stories on various platforms. One can find her stories in a popular magazine like Woman's Era. She is a software engineer by profession. The Sorcery of the Senses is her debut fantasy novel series.

Book Details

Book Title: Sorcery Of The Senses 

Author: Tanima Das

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

No. Of Pages: 208

Publisher: ArtoonsInn, Room9 Publications

Available: Amazon & leading platforms


Price: INR 339

My Rating:4.8/5

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