Monday 3 April 2023

How to guide your child with a career choice

Now that the 10th boards have wrapped up, it's time to ponder the significant juncture of life and find the answer to the monstrous question, "Which career option to opt for in class 11"?

While most have clear goals and career paths in mind at this turning point, many children find this task very difficult. Significant boards like CBSE are working towards easing these students' confusion by allowing them to select basic mathematics for those who want to opt out of math in a future class. And for those who wish to pursue a career in fields where math is the primary requirement, then they can appear for standard mathematics board paper.

The significant role here is for parents who can better guide their child to plan a career graph wisely. Making this big decision is not easy for both parents and the child yet keeping in mind a few aspects can ease things out.

Guide your child with right career choice after 10th board

Let's see what five mistakes' parents should avoid when choosing their children's career options after the 10th board.

1. Don't discuss with the world:

Most parents, at this point, need clarification about how they should conclude the best career choice for their teenager. They tend to discuss this matter with their colleagues, friends, relatives, neighbors, and numerous WhatsApp groups to resolve their confusion.

But one thing parents should understand is that the key to their dilemma lies in their child. Rather than letting the world know about it, sit and talk to your child to understand what they want to peruse. And if the child seems unsure, which is very obvious for most children, make a calculated decision by analyzing the interest and inclination of the child in their past performances.

2. Say no to the "Sharma ji ka beta/beti" concept:

This is a classic idiom or phrase we often encounter when parents compare their children with others.

Comparison is the most common aspect that grips many parents. It is crucial to understand that everyone in this world is a unique creation of God with exceptional skills and ideology.

Comparison sometimes crops up in the house among the siblings and the cousins. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep unhealthy competition at bay. Societal pressure is the common cause of concern for pushing their child into a particular stream they don't prefer. Parents should detach themselves from this unnecessary pressure and let their child follow their dream.

3. Don't fall prey to the lucrative offers by coaching centers:

There are numerous coaching centers with lucrative offers in the form of scholarships and early bird discounts. The coaching institutes also instill fear among the parents by projecting limited seat availability.

Any decision taken in haste is not fruitful; therefore, parents or guardians should avoid these marketing gimmicks and take their own time figuring out the suitable career option for their child's future.

4. Don't impose your career choice:

We often find parents pushing their wards to take up a career choice that they are into. Those running businesses think that their child would take their legacy business forward. Stepping into parents' shoes is a good idea if it is not against the child's interest.

5. Respect your child's skills:

The NEP is bringing in many areas and subjects that help refine students' skills other than academics. E.g., if your child is good at art, craft, music, or sports, these can be taken as one of the subjects along with the mandatory subjects.

When a child is exposed to different kinds of skills, they are automatically drawn toward their liking and perform well.

Parents can assist their children in taking their skills forward along with other academic subjects. This way, a child feels refreshed and motivated to do well.


Parents are the child's first mentors; they are the ones who watch their child closely, they are the ones who can better understand their child's interests, and they are the only ones who better help their child fulfill their dream career.

Be a robust support system for your child because your belief in them is the only motivation required to assist your child in walking up the ladder of success.


  1. Sometimes, I feel that today kids have so many options to choose their career. But it also confuse them if they are not sure about which area to pick. Discussing their interest and taking into consideration their inclination is very important. Our experience and long sightedness combined with their interest area can guide them in their decision.

  2. It is true that parents know their children best, their strengths and weaknesses, and the aspirations that drive them to work hard for their dreams. Proper guidance can help the child realize their dreams best.

  3. Great pointers and I strongly agree with point 2. this is a common scenario in our society where parents compare their kids to others and force them to make choices. I believe each child is unique and he/she should get proper opportunity to choose a career path that they want to explore. as a parent, we should be a guiding factor in their life not the forcing one.

  4. Agree with the pointers you have shared. Pushing a child into a career they don't enjoy or aren't passionate about can lead to unhappiness and a lack of fulfillment in the long run. It's crucial for parents to support their child's individuality and help them find a path that aligns with their personal goals and aspirations.

  5. This is a very difficult decision if child lacks clarity. As a parent you understand thenm the best so just support them with their decisions and guide them when required. Sometime professional help helps but it's important that you understand their credibility.

  6. This is a good post to guide parents to help kids rather than influence them to make a career choice. I loved all the pointers especially the sharmaji ka beta one


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