Tuesday 1 March 2022

10 Simple Ways To Overcome Stress During Exams

Stress and anxiety is a common scenario in each home as month of March starts ticking , not only for the students who take up board exams also for students appearing for the exams. 

With Covid 19 cases going down the graph all the schools nation-wide are conducting the offline examinations of the senior classes and children who were confident earlier are now doubting their abilities and anxieties are building up. 

Let this stress play a positive factor in your life rather than stressing one. Children needs to just stay focussed and follow simple ways to overcome the stress and give their best during examination. These are 10 simple ways that have worked well for my children, sharing with you all

1. Early & Easy going: 

begin your schedule early, it shall always keep you ahead of time, besides it gives you an ample of opportunity to prepare your calendar according to you. Setting your challenges and starting early helps as the hurry makes the best of things also go in haywire direction. A mountain cannot be climbed in a day, so primarily do not stress yourself with unrealistic goals. Make timetable that does not overburden you at the same time work hard honestly by pushing your boundaries to the best of your capabilities.

2. Evaluate:

Be fair to yourself and analyse your weak points. Once you have identified the areas/subjects you need to work on dedicate atleast 30 mins of time towards it. We know that the task seem manganous but slowly steadily you can achieve the goal with practise.  Working on the subject that takes time gives you confidence slowly as you take each step towards it. Ignoring it and keeping it for later days increases your stress level and also piles up on your head with guilt factor.

3. Express: 

Whenever you feel you are under pressure or need help, express yourself. Express your feelings to your parents, family or friends or teachers or mentors. They can suggest you pointers that may help you to destress or go on a walk along them. Fresh air makes you calm that will destress your anxiety.

4. Eager: 

Remember how involved we become towards the new movie release or a new version of the game, same level of eagerness is also required in studies. show eagerness towards your syllabus, make your study table and study area beam with positivity. You can write motivational quotes and paste it on your study board, write quotes on your study/ practise books.

5. Empower :

Empower yourself with thoughts and actions. No one knows strength better than you, stride by your strengths , empower your mind with inspirational thoughts. Believe in yourself and erase all the doubts of uncertainty. Believe in yourself and make each action of yours count towards the goal.

6. Effort :

Effort is the sole virtue that requires your attention. Everything gets balanced out if your efforts towards studies are at par with each impulse you work towards it honestly. Too much effort at stretch can make you nervous, so take mini breaks in between the studies but stay away from distractions such as Social media and unnecessary talks. Listen to music or do physical exercise for relaxation; breathing exercises also helps you to calm down.

7. Earnest :

Study for yourself. Study to learn , to perform. Studies always mental to learn new concepts not to showoff to your circle. Your attitude towards studies makes the whole difference in the way you approach the exams. If you study with an eagerness and to perform for yourself then the content feeling is always high. Be sincere in your efforts, that will surely bring worthy results.

8. Eliminate doubts:

Self-doubt is the biggest enemy, never make it come across you during exam preparation. You are doing good and shall perform as per your capabilities, this mantra works for all and it has shown best results too. Never judge yourself and do not compare with others, these two actions makes you sit in the stressful situation and worry upon things that are not in your control. So work on the factors that are under control and throw away self-doubt far away from you.

9. Extravagant:

Always look at the larger picture, which is beneficial in life. Worrying over single marks or 2-3 marks in the paper will make you work under the stress for 97 marks of the paper. Have a big heart and broader mind to deal with such mini stress situations during examination. 

10. Ecstatic:

Work done with happiness leaves a stamp in your mind and heart. So studying with smile actually does wonders. When you are content at your heart, filled with joy then you are in good frame of mind to perform well.

These some E’s one can add in their life to overcome stress in student’s life. Along with this another vital part that plays in children life is parents. Parents also play a major role in relieving the stress of children, their words and gestures matter a lot in shaping the child confidence and here are few points of advice on same.

  • Use an eventful day instead of ‘big day’ in life for quoting beginning of exams. 
  • You shall give your best instead of ‘you have to do your best’. 
  • Avoid using distracting talks such as career, life based on these exams. 
  • Have a chat with children motivating them in best way. 
  • Hug your child and say ‘You are proud of them and these exams are just another milestone in life’.
  • Say them ‘you are along with them in this journey’. 

These are some advisory suggestions which can make your child feel better and confident just before taking exams. Wishing good luck to all students who are taking up their exams this year and to all the students taking Exams.

How did you motivate your child during exams, and which particular phrase kept you strong during examinations?


  1. Its best to also trust the work and studying you have done throughout the year and know that your brain and memory will help you write the exam

  2. Wonderful post. Stress could be all-encompassing esp for young kids during exams. You have shared some wonderful tips here.

  3. Wow such a perfect post for exam time. yes, exam time can be stressful for kids and parents both but preparing well in advance can help a lot in avoiding end moment worries and anxiety. following a healthy lifestyle is also helpful in managing exam related stress.

  4. You have listed really relevant tips for the present generation.I am-thankful that I am past the stage of children having exams. Kids these days are living a life of uncertainty.No peer interaction and online classes. There are only a few who will not cheat but most are encouraged by the parents too, to answer from the text books.My kids used to be ready a day before the exam.

  5. Exam stress is for real for children and the pointers you've shared will definitely help kids and parents reduce the stress.

  6. I really liked the simple ways you have shared which are so important for every student to follow during exams. It's important to stay focused and relaxed.

  7. Well said. I have been telling this to my daughter as her exams are around the corner. It is important to stay focused and look at the big picture.

  8. This is a much needed blog during these times when boards are near. I think a routine helps in dealing exam stress the best way, since help us build confidence and consistency over time.

  9. These are some easy yet quite effective ways to manage stress for sure

  10. I like having simple words you have explained this. Being positive and optimistic is very important. Be prepared go ahead and do the exams without worrying about what future holdes. At that moment, your concentration shld be your exams and performance and not the end results.

  11. Ah this is coming in at the rigg time when kids have final exams. Be it final. Or any exam kids must face it stress free. These tips are pretty helpful


  12. Appropriate post at teh appropriate time .stress disturb the kids concentration.exam is kids is exam of parents as well


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