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Can reading make you a happier person

Reading is a solo activity that makes you indulge in this being involved leaving behind the world. World of responsibilities, the world of tasks, the world of judgments just vanishes when you open the book. You enter the world of happiness, contentment, experiences, and lessons.

Yes, such is the power of reading that can be experienced by everyone. The only effort one needs to do is to pick a book and open it.

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Reading takes you to the new world:

When we read books we come across different background settings and sometimes to a fantasy world where science takes a leap and we see the world with futuristic eyes. Reader experiences new emotions, new energy, new feeling thus forgetting the present and living in the art of reading. Jane Hamilton brilliantly quoted, “ It is books that are the key to the wide world; if you can’t do anything else, read all that you can “.  You will be surprised how much a good book impacts you and how unconsciously we change the way we look at the world.

Reading makes you pause and reflect

When we read books, we come across many characters and instances that are relatable to our life. One can read the book, pause in life and then reflect upon the aspects of life which were not given that importance before. For example, if you are reading a book titled ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma then you think about the priorities in life and also the amount of energy spent on materialistic things. “When you learn to read you will be born again…and you will never be quite so alone again” aptly said Rumer Godden.

 Reading gives a sense of comfort

“When you open a book, you close your worries”, yes this is a perfect emotion that is felt when you pick a book. Did you ever wonder how quickly time flies when you are engrossed in the book? Book is also a silent partner that can be carried to any place besides it does not complain of the attention unless you give it. If you are starting your reading journey then ‘You can choose a book of your choice, and start with short books as such books don’t overwhelm you with the burden of finishing the book. 


Reading makes you empowered

Firstly, you have the power to decide when what and where to read. Reading is an activity that is independent and can it can be done in various forms. Paperback lovers can carry the book with themselves or you can open the reading app and start reading the book. Adapting both forms of reading gives you an edge and also makes you a fast reader.  

All these factors build up to make a person happier while reading the book, and we completely agree with Kathleen Norris saying “ Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long day makes that day happier.” 

If you have taken the reading path and are looking for a platform that keeps track of your reading then Blogchatter TBR Challenge helps you to stay motivated while completing the challenge.


TBR Challenge: The Blogchatter Reading Challenge

 Makes you the boss: You can decide the number of books that will be read in a year.

Easy showcase of your books: 

Once you add books in the reading challenge tab then it is reflected on your reading tab and must say all the book covers look lovely together. Have a look at our 2021 reading tab on the Blogchatter platform.

Linking books to TBR challenge:

Now adding books to the reading tab is swift. You just need to paste the Goodreads book link in the book option then automatically all the fields are filled, this dynamic feature saves time to upload the cover image of the book each time you read the book. Also through this feature, you can link your book review posts, and you can lead on the reader board. 

Sign up for the TBR Challenge

All bloggers can sign up for the reading challenge here and stay motivated in the reading journey. You can also keep your friends in the reading loop who are reading the same book. You can always check the #BookChatter hashtag on social media platforms to know about the book read by fellow bloggers, book review updates, and also the book recommendation in the blogrolls. Check the reading challenge here.

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If you are thinking about how you will continue the reading habit, then the post on how to upscale your reading will help you find motivation and tips to make reading a habit, a virtue of life like a person who cannot live without breathing where books become the breath. Also, if you are looking at the book recommendations, then you can check our Instagram profile, auraofthoughts where every third post is about books. 

Happy reading and growing.



  1. Yes,reading is one of the best habits which can save us from this social addiction and yes they keep us away from outer world.. judgements, responsibilities etc.I tend to forget everything as soon as i open a book.They make us empowered,learn new things and kids also develops reading habit seeing elders..instead of this phone addiction.very well written.

  2. Reading can always add to one's happiness

  3. Yes agree dear reading offer many benefits and empower our overall personality. I never participate in Blogchatter's reading challenge but heard a lot about it. your post has made me inspired to be a part of it.

  4. I'm a bookworm myself. I like to cover multiple genre and I find that 'me' time I'm books. I love discussing about my favorite authors too!. Yes, reading books bring me happiness.

  5. I can totally vouch for this.. It definitely is a mood uplifter with various other benefits. The tbr challenge helps you achieve it


  6. Reading is life! My childhood habit of reading relentlessly has shaped who I am as a person. I also sign up for the TBR challenge by Blogchatter but my go-to annual reading challenge is the Goodreads one.

  7. Second your thoughts. Nothing can be more relaxing and enriching than reading a book and entering into a new world od thoughts, imagination.

  8. So agree with u; reading has many benefits and if done as a part of some challenge, it spice things up. Hopefully i would sign up for TBR soon.

  9. Books are the best friends you can have in life. They take you on a mystical journey like you have said. But I dont know why I am not able to read books anymore. I do try but its not happening. I used to be a bookworm.

  10. I always believe that reading helps me live a different reality everytime. Reading is empowering, fascinating, thrilling and educative. TBR challenge sounds great and hopefully I will sign up for it soon.

  11. We all talk about self-care. I think reading is one of the most positive ways of caring for ourselves. It is a time, we can relax and make time for ourselves.

  12. I agree, books gives you a comfort which no one else can. It takes you into the world of imagination and let you be. Having a habit of reading can never make you feel lonely, it is the best companion.


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