Saturday 8 July 2023

Are You Threaded on New Meta App

In the age of social media, people constantly share their thoughts with the world. Recently, Meta launched a new platform called "Threads". Despite only being launched on July 6th, 2023, it has already been downloaded by 10 million users within 7 hours. This raises the question, why are people rushing to join yet another platform when they are already on multiple ones?

Threads app- good or bad

Why the rush :

The craze of newness and New platforms attract humans, which is the law of nature that the New dimension has always given an adrenaline rush.


When the platform was launched, people started registering their accounts and building profiles. The fear of being left out and missing is a huge factor that lead to numerous accounts in just a measured time.

A direct look-alike of Twitter

We acknowledge that every platform experiences ups and downs over time. However, by staying true to your purpose for being on it, you can maintain your mental well-being. We've shared tips on how to keep our sanity while engaging in social media, which you may find helpful to read.

When will we be threaded?

Not soon as with the lightning speed, people are hoarding to build a profile. We are on major 4 social platforms and multiple blogging platforms to communicate and share our thoughts. 

Sharing thoughts and spur-of-the-moment expressions already have many platforms; the same people on Twitter with different backgrounds need to be more convincing for us. Maybe, Meta has to give us more reasons to get threaded. 

Be watchful of App Linkage

Threads login is directly linked to instagram account, read all the thread app login instructions carefully and take wise decision.

Do you wish to get threaded?

Take your time, or joining right now is your choice to make. Think and act wisely, as you have only one brain wired with precious threads. Don't get tangled with each thread thrown at you. Pun intended.

We'll be here for our next post, which will provide you with a thoughtful and uplifting message that encourages mindfulness in your daily life. If you enjoy social media, feel free to follow us on platforms that match with your interests.


  1. I could see the rush to install and register on a brand new social media platform, but I didn't fall for the temptation yet. For me good old twitter can't be replaced by any other look-a-like. Even as a social media creator, it is not necessary to be available and present on each and every platform! Hence, I am among those very few who refrained.

  2. I so very agree with you. I am also not thinking of downloading it. I want to keep that number which I can manage without loosing my sanity.

  3. I appreciate your article discussing the launch of the Threads app by Meta. You raise valid points about people's inclination towards trying new platforms, fueled by the allure of novelty and the fear of missing out. It's important for individuals to consider their mental well-being and the purpose behind their social media engagement. Your advice on being watchful of app linkages and making thoughtful decisions is valuable. Keep providing insightful content to encourage mindfulness in our digital lives!

  4. I had seen the latest news about thread yesterday and felt curios what is so special about it that so many people have downloaded it already on first day of launch. your post has given me more insight. I will surly check this app to know how it is different or similar to twitter.

  5. Oh gosh I have been seeing this word since a few days now. It's crazy how people yearn to be seen on social media. I'm always late to reach a platform. I remember even Orkut, I had to be convinced by so many of my cousins to get on to it. Hahaha!

  6. I agree with the reasons you shared,I also thought not to install at first but yes FOMO was the reason to hop ther. Well there are loopholes but as of now I am not too much investing time over there. Let's see how it goes.

  7. New apps and new features have become a trend. And I am always apprehensive of anything new. I take time and understand before jumping into anything. Might be good but will keep a watch.

  8. very wisely put dears, I must have read your post before signing up, this evaluation undoubtedly is critical.

  9. The new app Thread is seeking all the attention. being a blogger, or an influencer, we need to join to show our efforts and work continuously but I don't appreciate it much. Till now, Instagram was trending but let's see how people us the new app thread .

  10. I joined the app on Day 1 but from that day, I have not been able to understand its purpose and is it going to help me as a content creator. It just seems like a byproduct of competition going on between Zuck & Musk.

  11. Oh Dear I cant thank you enough as I was completely confused and was not sure join or not to join thread. You finally shed some light on the topic and I am still thinking if it will be right to join thread or not as many are saying if after joining we delete thread account the instagram account will also get deleted. Please share more info on this.

  12. The concept of threaded conversations and the ability to organize discussions in a structured manner sounds like a promising approach to enhance communication and collaboration. Am not in a hurry to check it out, though! LOL :D

  13. Not creating a threads account I think is the best decision that I e made. I don't have the fomo, and the urge to be on one more platform. I'm looking to stabilize myself more on the platforms that i already have an account

  14. I am threaded and loving already. Somehow Threads gave me more exposure than Twitter. I hope this will outgrow Twitter


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