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What Is The Meaning Of the 21-Gun Salute On Republic Day?

It's our 74th year since the first inception of the Indian constitution on 26 January 1950. The day marks celebrations across the country, and we all look forward to the various events at the Rajpath in New Delhi. Our Republic Day processions include multiple events occurring in a particular order year by year with the same finesse and discipline. Each Republic Day celebration event holds its significance and historical backing. One moment that fills our hearts with pride is the 21-gun salute to honor our President of the country and our national flag. 

So, let's understand more about this honor.

What is the significance of the 21-Gun salute?

  • 21-Gun salute is the highest honor given to any person or object on a specific occasion. 
  • This tradition is inherited from the British Empire and is a type of military salute performed by firing cannons or artillery to show the mark of respect. 
  • As President is the Head of State of the Republic of India, they are honored with the 21 Gun salute on several occasions. 
  • The newly elected President of India is honored with a salute minutes after the swearing ceremony. 
  • The Indian National Flag and the President are honored with the 21-gun salute on Independence day and Republic day.

Who performs the 21-gun salute?

  • The centuries-old military salute or mark of respect involves firing artillery or guns. The guns are fired in the air soon after the flag's unfurling. 
  • The time is synchronized with the 52-second-long National anthem by firing 21 cannons at an interval of 2.25 seconds in 3 successive rounds of 7 guns each. 
  • The roaring of the 21 rounds of artillery firing accompanied by our national anthem is the most cherished and proud moment of the Republic Day celebrations at the red fort. 
  • Seven cannons of the elite 2281 Field Regiment at Delhi Cantonment perform the well-coordinated gun salute.

Evolution of 21 gun salute:

  • This tradition of honor dates back to when the British ruled India. 
  • They introduced the gun salute to India, where the number of gun salutes represented the hierarchy of the post. 
  • The formal ranking of individuals and states was created by the Britishers and entitled each one to a particular number of gun salutes.

Historical backing of 21 gun salute:

  • Artillery firing was a naval tradition around the 16th century to show that they did not intend to harm before their ships touched any foreign shore. 
  • Even before the coastline was out of sight, the vessel used to fire all its cannons. As reloading the artillery was very time-consuming; it alerted the coastal defenders about the approaching ship and gave them sufficient time to destroy it if they wished to. 
  • But firing the cannons primarily signified the peaceful intent of the approaching ship.

Where did the no. 21 come from?

  • The British navy ships used to carry seven cannons each as odd numbers were considered lucky by the sailors as per some superstition. 
  • Some also chose the number 7 as it holds significance in the Bible.
  • The naval ships used to fire their seven cannons, and in response to this, the coastal defense used to fire three guns for each of the seven cannons taking the total number to 21. 
  • Firing from the land showed that they welcomed the ship and did not intend to harm either. Thus this was a mechanism to communicate each other's peaceful intent.

Besides Republic Day, the swearing-in of the honorable President of India, guns are fired when a foreign Head-of-State visits the country.

So this is what the booming of the 21 rounds of artillery signifies. 

Republic Day reminds us about the rules of our constitution. The rules are not made to bind someone, they give us the proper path to grow and evolve. Let's celebrate the power of rules today and feel proud of our constitution that helped us mold our future and gave us wings to sail in a right direction.

Happy Republic Day !


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