Thursday 26 January 2017

Rules (Haiku)

Nature across all boundaries is same only rules of that boundary changes the way one looks at nature. That is the power of rules;it can either make ocean look blue or it can just act as a reflection of sky. The rules are not made to bind someone,they give us the proper path to grow and evolve. Let's celebrate the power of rules today and feel proud of our constitution that helped us mold our future and gave us wings to sail in a right direction.

Walks with us along
Indispensable ethics
Strengthen foundation

Gels with perfection
Not made to bind or restrict
Plunge into the rule pool

Happy Republic Day


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  1. Understanding that rule pool is very important. :-) Nice set of haiku :-)

    (its PH)

    1. Yes Prakash, understanding and applying right set of them is a true art.


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