Wednesday 15 November 2023

Book Review: AI Rising-India's Artificial Intelligence Growth Story

There is AI everywhere, in the form of smart machines or innovative systems that empower our daily lives. Over the last eight decades, AI systems have become more powerful and in the future its, applications may increase beyond our imagination.

Can AI replace humans? What exactly is AI? What is the progress of AI in India?

AI Rising : India's artificial intelligence Growth Story by Leslie D'Monte and Jayanth N. Kolla is a book that talks about the new and exciting tomorrow of AI in India and answers the myths around AI by citing examples from different sectors.

According to the author, for machines to be intelligent, they do not necessarily need human-like intelligence. AI is the software industry's future, and India will definitely lead this area.

The book is divided into four parts that explain what AI is, how India is adopting AI in its various sectors like banking, medicine, retail and research, the ethics and policies that involve AI use and the future of AI in India and globally.

The author speaks about how we are already using AI in the form of chatbots and advanced analytics-based solutions like search engines and how AI cannot replace the human brain but is a solution to ease human work with increased precision.

The book covers the business models of big companies and startups boosting the overall digital ecosystem by adopting these models.

Final Thought:

Readers can gain an overall insight into how AI development is key to increasing the productivity of companies, sectors and societies.

The book stresses that AI is here to help and not to take over humans. Though we can find many resources about AI in this digital age, this book includes many comparative analyses and examples that enhance our knowledge about intelligent systems.

Students who want to gain general insight into what AI is, how different kinds of AI systems companies are adopting globally to increase productivity, and how India is progressing in the competitive AI world. 

Book Details:

Book: AI Rising : India's artificial intelligence Growth Story

Author: Leslie D'Monte and Jayanth N. Kolla

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

Number of Pages: 268

We all have started using AI in our routines, knowingly or unconsciously we are falling for it. Get the book if you wish to know whether AI has rested human minds or is it making it rusted. 


  1. There is always a pros and cons to any new technology and endless debate and now this book seems really worth reading. Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. Sonal, this book review on AI is intriguing. The breakdown into four parts and the emphasis on AI's role in various sectors provide a comprehensive view. The perspective on AI as a helper, not a replacement, is refreshing. Thanks for the recommendation; I'm adding it to my reading list.

  3. AI is here to stay and it is important that we learn and adapt to it rather than be fearful of it. While it is true that it will change a lot of things, I think regulations and checks should be in place to ensure AI is not misused.

  4. AI has already intruded into our lives and we can't think of a future without it. I'm intrigued to read this book that explores India's artificial intelligence growth.

  5. That seems like an interesting book! Well, as AI is the new future, and we already have it in our daily lives, in some way of the other. It will be good to have a proper knowledge of it. Thanks for sharing about this book.


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