Saturday 30 December 2023

Journey Within : Echoes of Transformation

I am tired being same around,

yearning to reveal a new crown. 

Is top layer ready to perceive,

the depths within, keen to achieve?

Wait said a tiny carefree soul, 

gazed tethered towards a hole.

Did you pass through all conjunctions?

or this is price of your manifestation? 

Echoes of transformation-MeenalSonal

Judge your wit and deeper marks

the weigh shall show your inner crux.

Lighter or light then judgment passes;

resonating loudly, silent all traces.

A roar deeper than well echoed,

fore future set with realistic road.

Tiny yet majestic deed concluded,

soul smirked when destiny receded.

In life's journey of self-discovery, the desire for change and the search for depth lead to a realization. Our true worth goes beyond superficial judgments. As destiny steps back, our resilience and wisdom stand as proof of a strength that surpasses perception. Our journey will always echo, reminding us of the transformative power within. With an year coming to end, let us all reset, re-analyze and relook at life junctures to set new goals for year 2024, after all you have an extra day in coming year :)

Wishing you all Happy New Year, a year filled with Positivity & Prosperity.



  1. The thoughts echoed in the poem is really what life is all about. We all need to take a pause, take stock and see where we have come from and where we are going, before moving forward in the journey of life.

  2. Wonderful words, somehting that ignites you from within to take that first step towards achieveing what you want.


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