Wednesday 29 October 2014

Build Firewall for Good Health

“Your health is your real wealth” these golden words quoted by Mahatma Gandhi clearly depicts that one should always strive to be healthy and rest all just follows. And one always wishes their friends and family in good health, so “Bless me and my near and dear ones with good health” is constant in every prayer.

”Good health = Happiness, Peace and Prosperity”. But what need to be done apart from praying for good health. Is it an expensive, lengthy process that one needs to follow or there is a key to good health? To understand it clearly let’s take an simple example.   The way we protect our electronic devices with anti virus and various other protectors so that it remains safe and if any virus by chance affects our devices, then the effect is not that major. Those who are used to the terminology would say that we are building a firewall for our system.

In a similar fashion a firewall is required for us too. Our healthy food habits and fit body would work as firewall if any sickness affects us. Though we follow a particular regime for keeping ourselves fit but the infections among kids is unavoidable. Children easily become the trap of viruses in air and fall ill. The time child is happy and cheerful, entire house also cheers along, and if they fall ill then the whole tempo of the house goes down. Being a parent I can very well say this. And any illness takes a high toll now a day, as we are not immune as we used to be few decades ago. Blame it on lifestyle or extra caution’s things are getting serious. A simple fever takes time to cure and leaves a great impact on the body. Appetite loss in illness leads to weight loss, which is a crucial concern for infants and toddlers.

Whatever you may do, but taking care of health is of prime importance in life. One eats healthy food or at least tries their best to have for good and long living.
Following a simple routine and by minimal efforts if one gets a life long gift, then why not gift us a healthy living. Healthy living will assures of happy living too; so it’s vice versa process. “The groundwork for all happiness is good health” aptly said by Leigh Hunt. So let’s work to build an immune system a firewall of good health to fight against illness. One such way is daily intake of nutritious food and good care of selves.

“Prevention is better than cure”, famous quote by Desiderius Erasmus is heard by all and followed too. One such product that helps you follow the above quote is Dabur Chawanpraysh; which states that a spoonful of it in a day builds an immunity wall against to fight sickness. And what good about it’s is that it comes in varied flavors, so choose your flavor to build a firewall. On a lighter note one builds mango flavored wall while other mixed fruit one. To know about it’s rich contents in product, check this link

Finally I would say take good care of your self, as each life is precious. “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

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  1. A healthy lifestyle also ensures being active and less of mood swings which adds to the benefit of being healthy.... specially with demanding jobs and nuclear families

    1. Yes in such demanding world, few days of inaction causes a huge loss


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