Thursday 2 October 2014

Unnoticed Divine Message

In morning entered the maid,
having a beautiful smile and simple braid.
I asked her why she’s happy,
she proudly answered I am lucky.
Whole year I am cursed,
but in Navratri I feel blessed.
I couldn’t resist and asked her again,
how festival helped vanish her pain?

She responded, there are people who laughed at me,
as few years ago a girl was born to me.
In Navratri when girls are invited,
gifts showered, served food till tummy’s bursted.
The rest is then properly packed and stuffed,
which at home becomes two times supper served.
So, today I laugh at people who make boys noise,
telling that girls perform their duty with much poise.

I smiled and thought there is unnoticed divine power,
and festivals truly are blessings of shower.

Poem - Unnoticed Divine Message
“ Every child is special, be it boy or girl”

This was today’s morning conversation with my maid, which made me pen down this post for girls who are cursed to be born and only in few festive occasion they are made feel special. 

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