Wednesday 24 September 2014

True Charity

जो पाया है यहीं एक दिन छोड़ जाना है,
फिर दान दक्षिणा से क्यों डरना है। 

पाना और खोना अगर नियति है ,
फिर क्यों इतनी प्यारी संपत्ति है। 

यह लो वोह लो ;दान में यह भी ले लो ,
सही काम में लो तो जीवन भी ले लो। 

अधिकार प्रदान हो ऐसा ध्यान रखो ,
व्यर्थ ना जाए किसी का दान देखो। 

जब दूसरों के चेहरे पर मुस्कान खिले ,
तो दान करने में आनंद मिले। 

दान दक्षिणा किसी लोभ में ना करें ,
पुण्य पाने की चाह में ना करें। 

अगर सच्ची मंशा से किसी ने दान किया ,
तो जिंदगी में उसका श्रेय भी मिला। 

Charity Poetry - AuraOfThoughts
True Charity is Empowerment

English Translation

What you possess has to be left one day
Then why afraid of charity.

If getting and losing is destined
Then why possessions are treasured.

Take this, take that for charity take all
If taken in right sense then take life too.

Keep in mind that Empowerment happens
See to it that charity doesn’t go waste.

When smile appears in other’s face
Then there is happiness in doing charity.

 Don’t do charity for any profit
Don’t do it to attain goodwill.

If charity is done by pure heart
Then surely in life you shall be rewarded.



  1. Very beautifully said Meenal. Your each verse is gem as that of wisdom verses in Sanskrit. (Y)

  2. Philosophical & so true.
    This is reality. No one takes the wealth after death...
    I remember the stories I have read about Charity in which the persons donate their wealth in their lifetime & earn fame.
    Sir Alfred Nobel, the inventor of Dynamite, established the Nobel prizes this way...

    1. Yes Anita nobody takes along wealth but still all cherish it life long, this is Maya. Thanks for stopping by.


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