Thursday 18 September 2014

Logjam of Wishes

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When I was child my wish list was like….
I wish to climb a mountain of chocolates; I wish to have wings like birds so that I could fly and wished I had a flying carpet. But now if I look back, those innocent wishes filled in me passion and a belief that yes there could be one day that they may happen.

Wishes are so temporary; as time pass by our wishes just gets replaced with new ones and also wish list increases at a rapid pace. On a lighter note even God get confused which wish to full fill, as by the time it’s our turn we had already changed mind. Kelly Slater very aptly quoted, “For a surfer, it's never-ending. There's always some wave you want to surf”.

But don’t you think each one should have such cravings as whatever we wish for; it at least keeps our hopes alive or it could be a spark of life to move ahead. There are many things one does in life or aspires to do; each milestone achieved gives a life yet another challenge. Life is never ending journey of self, relations, and so on. But if asked to just jot down my wishes they could be….

·      I wish a world, where there is no place for diseases and all are healthy and happy.
·      I wish I could be digitally transferred from one place to another to tell my friends what I want to.
·      I wish I could be able to read all the great books in this world.
·      I wish I overcome all my fears.
·      I wish to do things which I have never tried before.
·      My friends and my family are my strength so I wish that they are around always.
·      I wish my deeds speak much louder than me.
·      I wish to do my bit for the society and feel happy about the contribution.
·      I wish to cross all major milestones.
·      I wish to achieve so much in life that I can inherit some.

If I start listing, the list goes on and on. On lighter note, now I want to taste all kinds of sweets of world, wish to dress up in all traditional outfits. But the question is how much is enough? Because heart full fillment is a big challenge in life and differs from person to person. How much ever you get, things keep on adding in wish list, it’s like logjam of wishes.
Neverending wishes - Aura of thoughts
Logjam of Wishes

There is no endpoint defined for desires but one should not forget that our wishes could trap us in a vicious circle of lure, desiring more and more thus creating deadlock; which is circular in which one cannot be out of it. One shall always wish for things which keep correcting us and make us a better person. Anthony J. D'Angelo precisely quoted “Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement.”

Finally I would just say
“Wishes walks with us at a pace we want them to, so slow down.”

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  1. Hey Meenal,

    Kindly note that I have sent a mail on, inviting you for a bloggers meet that is scheduled for 27th September in Delhi as organized by Aviva Life insurance.

    Hope you had the chance to go through it.

    Feel free to call me in case of any queries.

    Hope to hear from you at the earliest.

    Megha Jamb

  2. Even I share your views! Nice list :)
    Human wants/wishes are never ending :)

  3. Very sweet and cute list. I'm afraid that I cannot pray for your full list because of your first point but then I thought what's the need of praying for possible things!

    May all your wishes come true!

  4. Praying does it's magic when we put efforts. Thanks Ravish Mani for stopping by.

  5. That's a great list - lots of wisdom on there and some aspirations I share! Thanks for linking up

    1. So we share few things in the wishlist. Thanks for dropping by Thomas Marlowe.


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